Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Grumpy Girl

Hehe, I think it is a bit ironic that I finally post again and I am grumpy. I am not sure why I am feeling so grumpy but for some reason I just feel a bit overwhelmed lately. I have no right to feel so overwhelmed, know a lot of people who have more on their plate than I do and seem to handle it better than I can. I think sometimes I just let life get the best of me for a few days and then I start to feel better.

I had to rip back a large portion of sock yesterday. I finished the heel flap before I realized I had the cuff on the sock inside out and I had to rip back the entire thing and start over.

There is a stench coming from downstairs that will make your eyes water. The neighbors male cat and Shmoo are having a territory war and he got in the house and peed in my work out room. Paul left stinky hockey gear in the laundry room downstairs and the two odors together just downright bring tears to your eyes. I have heard that vinegar will remove the odor of cat pee (male cats stink much worse than girl cats) Yum stinky hockey gear, cat pee and pickles.

I washed the hockey gear with baking soda and sprinkled baking soda on the vinegar on the carpet and the smell just might be clearing now, either that or my nose has grown immune to the stink.

The winds have blown the smoke out of the Loops, the winds are coming from the North now and that means it is has gotten cold it is 40C and raining.

I have decided on a cure for my crabbiness. I am drinking a cup of hot peppermint tea, eating milk chocolate toffee Macadamia nuts, I will feed the kids peanut butter until their mouths are glued shut for quiet time, I am reviewing some Jamaican sunshine pictures, and now I am going to go hide under my covers in fetal position until the sun comes back out or until Supernova has decided on a front man or woman.

If all that doesn't work there is always Gin.

See, now were smiling!


Wudas said...

Boy, I've had a very hectic day. I'm not feeling down but I am feeling overwhelmed. I think the cure is on the horizon. I think I need some wind in my face.

Shannon said...

Will is making me a cosmo to drink. I've had quite the busy day too. I hope the tea and chocolate helped. Did the peanut butter work?

Remember when Mom would feed us peanut butter and butter sandwiches? I think you should try that. Don't give them anything to drink.

angie, party of one said...

Don't be kirby Kelly Anne. It's just a little funk and it'll be over soon.
Get in that fetal position and eat and drink away.