Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Birthday

My baby turned 3. Is the love of motorcycles genetic?

Here is PJ in her 'favorite' hat. She loves it. Bonnie brought it to her from England

PJ in the hat I just knitted for her. Got gauge?

Bass in the hat. It will fit PJ after it is felted. I hope!


angie, party of one said...

Love the giant clan hat. Happy birthday Q ball!!!!

Wudas said...

Show it again after it's felted. So are all the kids sleeping on the floor now? Pretty soon you can get them their own tent and they can have a sleep in the back yard.

Shannon said...

What does Quinten want for his Birthday and you still haven't told me what you want for Christmas.

wilsajedi said...

I wasn't aware Matt Damon was a big motorcycle fan

theresa said...

Q is such a big boy now...what a cutey. Cool hat, you knitted that up quickly.

Bonnie said...


I just got internet tonight. So stoked to see PJ wearing my hat.

Looks like you guys are busy as always in the loops.

Things here are coming together really really well. (Maybe I just feel like that because I have a clean appartment and the internet for the first time. )

No really its going well. I feel like I have it together. for about 3 weeks now...... I LOVE my job and I have an olive tree for my birthday, so the proof will be in the olive tree ( who I named Olivier)

Ben has started a web site. Its no www in front. Check it out to see some pics. I will try to get pics of the appartment out as soon as possible.

I am condiering blogging again...

Will keep you posted.....
No pun intended