Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Toga! Toga!

We had a surprise Toga party for Paul on his birthday. He had no idea what I was up to. He went off to have some drinks with Paul and Shawn (who were in on the whole thing) I told Paul he had to be home by 8:00 for our dinner reservations and he could NOT be late.

The boys shared a pitcher of beer until about 7:15 and then he figured they would be heading home for him to be here on time to make the dinner reservations. While Paul went to the washroom at the bar, Shawn quickly ordered another pitcher of beer.

Apparently Paul was really sweating being late for our dinner reservations and he was rushing Phil and Shawn through the second pitcher of beer. I called Paul around 8:00 to tie into him for being late. I really gave him the gears about getting to go out with his friends and then being late for our date. When he told me Shawn had ordered a second pitcher, it was not his fault he was late, I said, "Great, now you are late and hammered!"

When he got home he still had no idea, everyone had parked their cars out of sight and it was quiet as he came up the stairs. Sebastian pops up at the top of the stairs in a toga and Paul came into the kitchen and was shocked to find all his friends there with togas on. It was pretty funny. Even funnier was watching slightly drunk guy put on his own toga:

It is beginning to look like a Mawashi rather than a toga isn't it?

He finally got The Giggle Queen to help him out and he was on his way. The Giggle Queen, by the way dressed almost all of us. That girl is a whizz with a safety pin.

I wish that I had started a pool earlier in the evening, you know what time will the first toga come off and who will it be. When you are only one or two safety pins from nudity and you add booze there is bound to be some exposure.

And there was:


Shannon said...

When someone winds up naked, you know a good time was had by all.

Anonymous said...

Laughed my toga off at that last pic. Should have gone back to the link on Angie's blog and knit them all a bit of coverage.