Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tragically Sick

The drama continues.

I have been sick with the flu on top of my cold for four days now. To add insult to injury, after eating oranges and toast for 4 days and purging my body of all it's contents (thank you Angie for the best wishes for my stomach lining) I have gained 5 pounds!

How on earth can this happen?! It's easy, on top of the crazy flu/cold thing I can have a nasty case of PMS, apparently it is possible to bloat up like the Good Year Blimp without any body fluids. The body truely is a miracle, No?

I am ever the optomist so lets look at the bright side:

1. No one feels up to eating to much, so I have not had to do much cooking.

2. The house is a mess and no one cares or feels well enough to worry about it

3. Clean sheets and blankets on every bed in an effort to kill this foul bug

4. Toilet is cleaned almost hourly

5. It's to cold to go play outside anyway

6. Knitting does not make me barf.

That's all I can think of. I would post a picture of my sock, but I can't find the camera under all the laundry and junk.

Oh yes, The Tragically Hip are in town (I would guess the most successful/popular Canadian band ever) they called the office looking for a Chiropractor. Paul told them to come on in to the office. Apparently they want us to do house call, they offered us free tickets to the show (sold out) and dinner with the Tragically Hip if Paul would go to the arena and adjust them. I hope they are serving oranges and toast for dinner. I hope to find the camera before we go.


angie, party of one said...

The puking thing, not that cool. The weight gain in spite of the puking, also not that cool. The Tragically Hip thing...SO TOTALLY COOL!!!!! Don't barf on them, not a good representation of your practice.

Shannon said...

I hope that you were able to go to the Tragically Hip conert.

Bonnie said...

I feel for you. I too caught the flu bug, and spend most of my Christmas in the Alps within a few feet of the toilet.
The gaining weight thing is odd though...
Thtas cool about tragically hip.
I dreamt about all of you last night.
I dreamed I saw the kids again for the first time and they were so big and different and grown up that I just burst into tears when I saw them.
wierd no?
anyway take care