Saturday, January 20, 2007

The White Stuff

We have had a boat load of snow dump on The Loops the past few days. I think this is the most snow we have had since my move to the Great White North. It is beautiful. My morning drive to work has been a little nerve wracking. It has snowed so much so quickly that the plows can't keep up with it, the roads were better today but here is the highway on my to work on Thursday.

You know what strikes me the most about this photo is the lack of traffic rather than the amount of snow. This is rush hour in The Loops on a snow day. So my driving fears are sliding off the road, there is a slim chance I would slide into someone on the highway. Most drive slowly and give you room.

Here is a pretty tree in the neighbors yard.

Cedar trees: these trees are at least 8 feet tall and I am looking down on them from the neighbors deck. They look so funky, I love them!

Check out our backyard, the snow is as high as the trampoline:


Shannon said...

I love the phot of the tree. That's a great photo.

Wudas said...

Brrr. You be careful out there now. I'm sure there's a reason there's no one on the road at rush hour.