Friday, November 14, 2008

Gaile's Pedicure Socks

One of my favorite patients at the office is a knitter. She is a lovely women who donates almost all of her knitting to charity.

She knits preemie hats by the dozens. A few months ago she told me she was knitting 20 children's sweaters to be sent to one particular charity. 20! She will knit them up in a matter of months. She knits for the joy of passing her stuff onto those who might otherwise do without.

A month ago she brought me a whole bag of sock yarn, enough for five or six pairs of socks. She had purchased a Pedicure sock pattern along with the yarn. She handed me the whole works and asked if I could put it to good use. Sock yarn..of course I could put it to use.

The yarn is quite fine and has elastic in it. She found it to fine to work with. I offered to pay for the pattern and the yarn and she would have none of it. "Just use the yarn" she said.

I did:

This is Sonya (she has the smallest feet in the office) she is the willing model of Gaile's pedicure socks. I knit them up for Gaile and planned to give them to her on Thursday, she called and rescheduled her apt. with me. I will leave them on my desk until I can pay a little something forward to someone who deserves it so much.

The socks only took one ball of yarn...I am thinking I can make her some gauntlets with the other ball of the same colour.


Wudas said...

The gauntlets are a great idea! Then she can knit on with warm hands. I'm thinking those pedicure socks might be good gifts for your office staff.

Shannon said...

What a generous person your patient is! She sounds like a wonderful person. I'm with Mom, gauntlets or fingerless gloves would be a great addition to the socks.

dwgnldy said...

Those are so cute!