Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why I Don't Post Things I Knit for Me

There is an easy answer for Mom's question. I don't post pictures of my FO's that are knit myself because I have no one to photograph them for me.

Here is a photo our baby sitter took of Paul and I last week. I wanted to show you all my pretty dress, that looked really great on. The kids hopped in the photo, the baby sitter was game to take the picture, but you can see how great we look. (NOT)

In fact, I look strained. I look like a crazy mom, trying to out the door on time and before a kid spill spaghetti sauce down the front of my dress. Paul looks equally pained, like he is wondering how many pairs of shoes I am going to try on before we get out the door.

Not a pretty photo is it?

Here is another prime example. I got my haircut last Tuesday and came home and took these photos. Trust me again, it is a great haircut. See the way my bangs appear crooked in the photo, they are not. See the weird look in my eye, I look stern and icky. It seems to be very difficult to photograph oneself in the mirror.

The back photo is no better. Honestly it's a good cut. It is an A line, but not crooked in the back as it appears in the photo below. Maybe I need to see my chiropractor.

Paul is not interested in taking a few pictures of me so I can post my modeled knits on my blog. He will take to bad pictures (with my head cut off or something) and will roll his eyes and complain if I ask him to take another. "This one is fine!" he says.

I don't want "fine" I want a good picture of my FO. So you see them on the living room floor, or draped over the arm of the couch.


dwgnldy said...

I think they're great pictures. It's been so long since I've seen you, it's strange to see you as a full grown adult. LOL!

I hate to get my picture taken. I'm so short I end up looking fat. Honestly...it's frustrating.

Oh yeah, loved the dress. It looks terrific. The nice thing about black is it would hide a small spaghetti stain. LOL!

Put a camera in PJ's hand and train her to take the pictures. It seems to be the woman's role in life to take all the family pics. Might as well start her training now. Then she won't end up with her thumb in pictures after she's married. LOL!

Wudas said...

Or you can take said finished projects to work and have some nice woman on your staff take a picture of you. Or you can have her try on the knitted item and take a picture of it that way.

It makes you appreciate how easy it is to take pictures of your own feet so you can model socks. Just one more reason to love knitting socks.

Shannon said...

I like Mom's idea. It is nice to see other people's finished projets.

On another note, I find it funny that you just got an A line haircut. I got one last month.

angie, party of one said...

You hair is SUPER cute! The pictures are wonderful, they show you and you look beautiful.

JustApril said...

It is very hard to take pictures of oneself. My answer is to have my kids take the pictures. They love using the camera and have NO problem with do overs. Personally, I think you look good in the family picture =)

Shannah said...

I found you by way of Shannon's blog, hope you don't mind :)

I just LOVE the family pic!! You all look GREAT!! Kelly, I swear, you and your sister both have not changed!!!

Your kids are all so beautiful!!! I could squish them all!!!! *sigh* I have missed you so much!!!!