Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Here is the gang on Halloween. We all had a fun time, Paul took them out trick-or-treating. It was the 7th annual trick-or-treat with Layne, Deb and her crew. I love that it has become a Halloween tradition to get them all together. We are up to an even 6 children between Deb and Rory and Paul and Myself. Impressive.

I thought these two pictures were funny. PJ and Paul before the candy fest:

PJ post candy fest:

All three kids were an absolute blur for two days. Paul has been very sick, seems to have a nasty cold/sinus infection thing. He went to the doctor yesterday and has been on some heavy antibiotics since. I am the last one to send a guy to get drugs, but I could not stand the growling bear in house either.

Sebass quote from Monday: "Mom, Dad must be feeling better, he did not even yell at me once today." proof that occasionally medication is necessary.


Wudas said...

And when the boys get older...it'll be three to two. You girls better get tough or wear your jogging shoes on the sick days.

Nice costumes.

Shannon said...

The kids look cute. I'm glad that they had a good time trick or treating.

dwgnldy said...

Sinus infections aren't much fun are they? Life if much easier if I have them instead of D. Somehow they become life threatening (in his mind) when he gets one. LOL

The kids look like they really enjoyed their Halloween. Nothing like pure sugar to help them kick start their metabolisms. Hahahahaha!