Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gobble Gobble

We managed to bring American Thanksgiving to Canada again this year. I think this was the 5th annual. I think that may make it an official tradition here in our house. I am getting smarter and smarted with it every year.

This year we had 21 children with Layne and Sebass the two oldest at 7 years old. We did two seatings this year: kids first and adults next.

We hired Uncle Chris the Clown to come for an hour and entertain the kids. It was the best idea I have ever had. 23 adults enjoyed a great meal while their children had a blast with Uncle Chris. Priceless.

I don't have any adult pictures. Kathryn was kind enough to grab my camera and take the ones you see here, or I would not have any at all.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why I Don't Post Things I Knit for Me

There is an easy answer for Mom's question. I don't post pictures of my FO's that are knit myself because I have no one to photograph them for me.

Here is a photo our baby sitter took of Paul and I last week. I wanted to show you all my pretty dress, that looked really great on. The kids hopped in the photo, the baby sitter was game to take the picture, but you can see how great we look. (NOT)

In fact, I look strained. I look like a crazy mom, trying to out the door on time and before a kid spill spaghetti sauce down the front of my dress. Paul looks equally pained, like he is wondering how many pairs of shoes I am going to try on before we get out the door.

Not a pretty photo is it?

Here is another prime example. I got my haircut last Tuesday and came home and took these photos. Trust me again, it is a great haircut. See the way my bangs appear crooked in the photo, they are not. See the weird look in my eye, I look stern and icky. It seems to be very difficult to photograph oneself in the mirror.

The back photo is no better. Honestly it's a good cut. It is an A line, but not crooked in the back as it appears in the photo below. Maybe I need to see my chiropractor.

Paul is not interested in taking a few pictures of me so I can post my modeled knits on my blog. He will take to bad pictures (with my head cut off or something) and will roll his eyes and complain if I ask him to take another. "This one is fine!" he says.

I don't want "fine" I want a good picture of my FO. So you see them on the living room floor, or draped over the arm of the couch.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have not had to much to say lately.

I have been digesting the stuff that is going on with Pop in CA. and just hanging out in my cave.

Things are good here. We have been doing a lot of the usual stuff kids, hockey, work, school, dentist, haircuts and the like.

I have knit another pair of gauntlets for Q and and hope to start a pair for Sebass this evening.

Basically I have not been posting because I am enjoying being totally boring.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Gaile's Pedicure Socks

One of my favorite patients at the office is a knitter. She is a lovely women who donates almost all of her knitting to charity.

She knits preemie hats by the dozens. A few months ago she told me she was knitting 20 children's sweaters to be sent to one particular charity. 20! She will knit them up in a matter of months. She knits for the joy of passing her stuff onto those who might otherwise do without.

A month ago she brought me a whole bag of sock yarn, enough for five or six pairs of socks. She had purchased a Pedicure sock pattern along with the yarn. She handed me the whole works and asked if I could put it to good use. Sock yarn..of course I could put it to use.

The yarn is quite fine and has elastic in it. She found it to fine to work with. I offered to pay for the pattern and the yarn and she would have none of it. "Just use the yarn" she said.

I did:

This is Sonya (she has the smallest feet in the office) she is the willing model of Gaile's pedicure socks. I knit them up for Gaile and planned to give them to her on Thursday, she called and rescheduled her apt. with me. I will leave them on my desk until I can pay a little something forward to someone who deserves it so much.

The socks only took one ball of yarn...I am thinking I can make her some gauntlets with the other ball of the same colour.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Knitting Content

I only have one picture from the dance. The dance was a family deal, it was from 6:30 to 8:00 and the kids had a great time. I don't know if you tell in the terrible picture below, but all three kids are in it, have a close look and you will see them all. It was fun and PJ even won a prize for "shakin' everything her mama gave her" Go girl. She won it in a show your moves hip hop thing. Made me laugh.

If you really squint you can make out Debbles, Rory, Layne and Wren in the background.

I have hit a good knitting stride lately. I just finished a pair of socks, I will photograph them at work Wed and show them to you then.

The kids have been asking me to make them fingerless gloves like mine. I decided to finally give it a go. I made mine up without a pattern and did not write anything down as I went so starting a new pair seemed a bit daunting.

I faked it and ended up with a pair for PJ I am pretty happy with, I wrote down the pattern so I can do up a pair for Q and Seabass. It only took me two evenings to get them done, they were very quick and fun to do. I like the immediate gratification.

In the first photo below the colours are no where near true but you get a size idea, that is mine and PJ's.

Here is PJ wearing her's for a modeling session. The colour in the photo below is the most accurate.

PJ is the best knitting model I have ever had, she just kept posing and smiling. The pictures made me smile and I needed practice using the flash so I just kept clicking away. I posted a few of them to make you smile too.

My favorite:

Friday, November 07, 2008

First Dance

We are getting ready to take the kids to their first school dance tonight.

How cool is that?

I recently heard about a web site for Obama, I checked it out and it looks like you can actually give feed back and send ideas for change. Check it out here

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I am so proud that our nation has elected our first African American President.

I now have hope and a feeling of optimism for the Untied States.

Thank you for all who voted!


Here is the gang on Halloween. We all had a fun time, Paul took them out trick-or-treating. It was the 7th annual trick-or-treat with Layne, Deb and her crew. I love that it has become a Halloween tradition to get them all together. We are up to an even 6 children between Deb and Rory and Paul and Myself. Impressive.

I thought these two pictures were funny. PJ and Paul before the candy fest:

PJ post candy fest:

All three kids were an absolute blur for two days. Paul has been very sick, seems to have a nasty cold/sinus infection thing. He went to the doctor yesterday and has been on some heavy antibiotics since. I am the last one to send a guy to get drugs, but I could not stand the growling bear in house either.

Sebass quote from Monday: "Mom, Dad must be feeling better, he did not even yell at me once today." proof that occasionally medication is necessary.