Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sun and Socks

We are supposed to have more snow this winter than any winter in the past 100 years. Everyday the forecast calls for snow and so far we have only had one really good dump of snow and a couple of lighter snows.

I am in Mom's camp on the unproductive cloud cover, if we have clouds they should be either dropping rain or snow. We are sitting at -7C (19F) this morning with flat grey lighting that makes the whole world look black and white and the weather report is calling for snow. I would love to have some snow!

So for everyone that needs a bit of sunshine: Here is a picture I took of a sunset in Hawaii from the ship we had dinner cruise on. Click on it to make big and fill your day with tropical sunshine.

PJ's mitts are just about done, in fact she is wearing the other one as I finishing up the thumb on this one. It took her two years to lose one of the mitts from the first pair I made her. When she misplaced the mitt she went downstairs to the yarn cave and picked out some yarn she liked. She brought it upstairs and put it on the counter and explained she could not find one of her old ones and asked if I would knit her new pair out of the yarn she chose. Smart girl how does a knitter say no to that request.

She managed to get a pair socks, a pair of fingerless mitts for her best friend and pair for herself, I apparently can not say no to an eight year old with sock yarn in her hand.


Shannon said...

I don't want to sound sexist, but PJ is female and seems to have the ability to plan ahead. Sounds like she knows how to get what she wants.

Kelly O said...

I don't think you sound sexist, I think PJ definitely knew what she was about. The truth be known when she brought the yarn up the stairs she asked me to make her best friend a pair of mitts, and then I offered to knit PJ socks first. She knows a sucker when she sees one.

Wudas said...

Pretty soon she'll be knitting her own socks and mittens. You just wait and see!

dwgnldy said...

Welcome back to the life of a blog. I missed you. This is the only way I can keep up with what you and the family are doing.

Thanks for the updates!

angie, party of one said...

I love your header pic...I can only see PJ's mouth and nose...but those look JUST like you! LOL