Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hockey Tournament

We are just getting back into hockey season after a little break for the holidays. We have started with a bang with SeaBass in a tournament in Salmon Arm. He played two games today and I think has two games tomorrow.

His team has lost both games, but not for lack of effort. SeaBass was selected for team MVP for the first game today. I think the smile here says it all.

He was a bit upset half way through the second game he was called for a tripping penalty that he did not do. This is not just the parent talking, he was coming up the ice with the puck on a break away and a player from the other team took him out trying to stop the play. The referee (kids that are learning to ref as much as the other kids are learning to play hockey) called Sebastian for tripping. The call makes no sense to me, the player with possession of the puck would not trip the other player.

I find sometimes when watching it is so hard to keep in mind that everyone out there is learning. Sometimes the play gets to rough because the young refs are not confident enough to make a call. There was a player on the other team actually trying to instigate a fight and he never got called for his rough play the entire game.

We are all having a great time and are about to head off to a bowling alley with an entire hockey team and all their siblings. I plan to drink a beer, knit and watch the kids bowl. Sounds like a great way to spend a winter afternoon.

6:30 PM edited to add:

Bowling alley was not licensed, this means no beer at a bowling alley. Who would've thought?

5 people in hotel suite, hockey gear airing out in washroom of said suite; I really wish I had a scratch sniff blog to share with all of you.


Wudas said...

I'll skip the scratch and sniff part, if you don't mind. It sounds like you guys are back in action. Great picture of Seabass.

Shannon said...

I'm with Mom on the scratch and sniff part.

dwgnldy said...

Only in Canada can you have a bowling alley with no beer. Hahahahahaha!

Sorry, it just struck me as funny.

I think my imagination was good enough without the scratch and sniff. Thanks for the thought though.