Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Hooking

I posted a little bit about moving rooms around in the house. I am still in a state of juggling, but things are improving.

I finished the cabinets (I have not taken photos yet) and have been moving yarn around. I am to the fun part where I get to fondle the stash and wonder how I have so much lovely yarn that I have knit up yet.

I came across a fair bit of left over yarn from other projects and as I moved things around new and old projects came to mind.

I stumbled across some Knit Picks Shine that is left over a baby blanket I made at least 3 years ago and immediately a pattern I had seen in one of my books for a tote bag came to mind. I dug out the book and pulled out the pattern...only to find it was a crochet pattern!!!

Mom reminded me how to crochet again when she was here for a visit in the summer. So I decided I would give the pattern a whirl. The first results were not pretty at all and I was doing was getting frustrated. I decided to take the pattern to work and ask around to see if anyone one who dared came in the door to be adjusted that day knew how to crochet and could answer some questions for me.

I remembered when I got to work that our newest employee is a knitter and the more I thought about the more I was sure she crocheted someone a toque for Christmas. She took about 15 and gave me a refresher and TADA! A square.

At the time of the photo I had not finished the top corner, but now trust me it's a square. Tonight I think I will try to do another one. I am surprised at how much faster crochet seems to be than knitting, and I am still poking along on the learning curve. I don't think it is made a hooker out of me, but I think I may dabble for bit.


Wudas said...

Now you've inspired me to start another project. I have some cotton yarn lounging around in may stash. I've been admiring some simple crochet basket I see here and there. I think I'll see what I can do to make a couple of them myself. They are single crochet with straight sides. I see them rectangles, squares and rounds. I'll just start hooking and see what develops. ;)

Shannon said...

It looks like a square to me. Will it be one large square when you're done?

dwgnldy said...

It's been so darn long since I picked up a crochet hook. I'd spend the first couple of hours just trying to regulate my stitches. I have a habit of starting out with tight stitches and then end up with them loose.

Yours turned out pretty darn good for a first try. And yes, I believe by now it's square. LOL!