Wednesday, January 05, 2011


You will have to forgive me, my pictures are loaded out of order but you will get the idea and nod your heads with me as you read, I know this happened to all of you.

We have basement suite which we have rented out to help out with our mortgage the entire time we have lived in this house. Our tenant moved out the last week in December and as part of another snowball I will share with you in another post we are going to remodel the kitchen in May.

There is full kitchen in the basement suite so naturally I was thinking I would not rent the suite again until after the remodel of the kitchen upstairs (or never rent out again, we will see). I can move into the kitchen downstairs, move our dining room table downstairs and not go crazy with my kitchen torn apart for a month while we all eat take out.

This whole plan began a complete juggle downstairs. Here come the out of order pictures, the one below is a photo of where the guest bed once was. I am hoping this room is destined to be my craft room or the crazy cave, whatever you want to call it.

This is the downstairs bathroom in which I have stolen Shannon's brilliant idea and have taken this over as my own. I can't even tell you how lovely it is to not have a sink full of toothpaste looking back at me every morning. I never realized how much bathroom mess I cleaned up every day that was not mine. It is such a treat to have a clean washroom all to myself.

This is the bed from the soon to be craft room moved into the bedroom of the suite, it is covered with everything out of my linen closet because of course during the juggle the closet took a nose dive and starting caving in on itself.

Paul kindly repaired the linen closet for me. I don't know why they built a 4 bedroom home with a little tiny linen closet upstairs but they did. So long ago Paul put cabinet this in laundry room for me, it works well, I just fold the sheets and pop them in here without a trip up the stairs. Now my linen closet is all cleaned out, tidy and off the bed.

The whole idea of craft room means I need a lovely place to store my yarn. I found some great pine and glass cabinets that were pretty inexpensive, but I did not want to leave them nude so that turned into another project. I am staining them with a 50/50 mix of white wash and black stain, trying to get a pewter sort of look. The first picture is closest to the true colour. I plan to finish them off with a couple of coats of semi-gloss clear coat.

They are coming along, but moving a bit slowly for my tastes, I only have evenings to work on them. Once I get everyone settled into bed I will see if I an make some progress tonight.


Wudas said...

I find stain takes longer to dry in the winter too. I think your plan is grand. I'm looking forward to having a bathroom on the same level as the guest room for those middle of night treks to the wash room.

The thing is after you get used to the extra space you are not going to want to give it up later.

Shannon said...

Mom's right. Once you get used to extra space or your own space, it's hard to give up. I share the bathroom downstairs with Morgan. To prevent fights between the kids, Morgan showers downstairs. He just uses it for showers and shaving (which he does maybe once a week) so it's still like having my own bathroom.

I can't wait to see what everything will look like when it's done.

dwgnldy said...

Ahhhh....a kitchen project. Don't you just love how one room can affect so many others?

It's going to be soooooo nice when you're done. You'll soon forget all the hassles.

I've been using the main bathroom while ours is being remodeled. Dave's been using the laundry room one. I agree....I love having my own. It's always obvious when he's invaded my turf.