Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Demon Child

Don't be fooled by the sleeping demon.

Q has been a nightmare child the past 3 days. He is a fit throwing, mama hitting, booger faced boy and his fits are so loud and so long that this mama can not string two thoughts together. I hope to return you to our Vancouver trip sometime Thursday afternoon, provided there is a minute of silence in this house.


Wudas said...

Contrary to commone belief, Mom's are tougher than kids. You are doing just fine. Hopefully the other kids are getting tired of this and are talking him out of it. After you get through this it ought to be smooth sailing until they are about 13 or so. That's when they begin to think you don't know what you are talking about. I think it peaks at about 18-25 or so. In my opinion, the very worst stage of growing up. For all of you. Aren't you glad he's the last one?

Shannon said...

They look so sweet when they're sleeping. Makes you wonder how you could have yelled at them while they were awake.

Will & I used to call Taylor, Demon child when she was being a brat. My Mother in Law (Marianne) hated it and would get mad at us for calling Taylor a demon child.

angie, party of one said...

From what I've seen from some of my friend's kids, the terrible two's seem to become far worse when they hit they're third year.
I think it's funny that Shannon called Taylor Demon Chil! I called one of my friend's kid "nightmare child" and her mom would get pissed. I don't do it anymore out of respect to her mom but not calling her names doesn't seem to be working!