Tuesday, October 31, 2006

May the Force Be With You

The kids are very excited for Halloween this year, and it is not yet about the candy. They are thrilled to be dressing up. I figure I have maybe another year or 2 before it becomes all about the candy.

This year Seabass and Mouse decided they would team up as a brother sister duo. (Mom I tried for Dorothy, the scarecrow and the lion but no go on that one) Once Sebastian saw the Jedi costume Shannon sent our way he started preparation by watching all the Star Wars movies.

(I am posting this not so good photo because it is the only one that has my costume in it, see my head sitting on the ironing board? I was a storm trooper)

Darth Vader even came to the party:

Q wore the tiger costume that he was afraid of last year, also made with Shannon's talented 10 thumbs. She rocks.

A not so good photo of Princess Leah (did spell her name right?) She was a girl in constant motion and difficult to catch in pixels.

The beautiful ladies. That is Wrenalious at the ripe old age of four months.

It seems that Darth has some Daddy experience doesn't it?

There was a Pooh pinata. Lets just count the number of ways that is wrong.

Sebass took Poohs head off with a hockey stick (Pinata Canadian style??? Who knew?) I thought he would be full of honey. He wasn't.

FYI: Wrenalious in blogger spell check = urinals, WTF?


Shannon said...

I love that you guys all had the same theme for your costumes, Star Wars. Will has been trying to get the kids to do that with Batman. Morgan could be Batman and Taylor could be Robin.

I'm glad that those costumes I made are still getting some use. That's always nice to see. I'd much rather make a costume that's going to last a few years, then buy a cheap one that barely lasts one Halloween.

Wudas said...

Wow! The kids looked great! We didn't get to see your costume.

P.S. It'a always about the candy...eventually the costumes come off.

Griffin Family 2006 said...

You guys all looked great, so neat to see all of you dressed up. Quentin looked so cute in his like outfit, tell you sister she's an awesome halloween costume maker! I wish Cory would do stuff like that for me!

Griffin Family 2006 said...

I meant to say little or lion not sure, but definetly not like. sorry, and then of course its supposed to be your sister sorry.
taneil oops

angie, party of one said...

You had quite the international holdiday. The Mexican pinata, Canadian hockey stick to hit it with and American sci fi heros. Way to go IHOP!
Hope you got lots of good candy!

angie, party of one said...

Touch my belly is great isn't it?

Keeefer said...

If Darth Vader came to my door i'd probably give him some candy, refusing could be bad for your health.
Canada looks lovely, i really am going to have to take a closer look at some point......but its always snowy in the pictures and they are yet to invent centrally heated clothing.

Hope y'all have been well (see i'm multi cultural)

Corinne said...

Hi Kelly - I think your Halloween Meez is better than the Meez that won 1st prize (in Meez contest) and better than the runners up also. Love the stockings. The Halloween photos are great and I also really like the mirror ones from Vancouver.

Kelly O said...

Oh my Keeefer's come to visit. I is so nice to hear from you. We have been well. Ya'll come back now y'hear?!