Thursday, November 02, 2006


This Fall I did something I have never done before. About two weeks ago SeaBass went outside to go play in the back yard. He came running back into the house very excited, "Mom, come Quick!!!! I have something to show you!"

Me: "Hang on a minute I am making lunch."

Bass: "No mom, you have to come see right now!"

So I dried my hands and went out to see what all the exciteement was about. He takes out to the middle of the lawn and points down, "Look." he says. Down at my feet is an enormous pile of bear poop. I could not really believe it. I never thought in a million years I would be cleaning bear poop off my lawn.

We had left the side gate open for the night and the bear came up the side of the house. He went through the hole in the fence to the neighbor's yard, walked right onto their balcony and helped himself to their garbage and then wandered back over to our yard to relieve himself and off he went. A little weird to think that while I was sleeping, with my window open there was a bear in the backyard not 20 feet from me.

By the way, bear poop is big and not to stinky.

The other first? First snow of the season. Seems a little early to me but the timing is good. I asked Paul to have the snow tires put on the van yesterday and he did, what a man.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Look at that snow. That sure is a pretty site. Looks like the kids are having a good time in it. Be sure to drive safe in it.

angie, party of one said...

I guess there really is a Winnie the Pooh!

Kelly O said...

Winnie is alive and seems to be in good form. Maybe the snow will send him for the long winter nap.

Shannon said...

It's nice to know that bear poop isn't smelly. One of those small weird facts to store away in the back of your mind.

Wudas said...

Oh. Poop.