Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Where Have I Been??

Good question Mom. I have no idea. I have am having a lot of trouble with the space time continuum right now.

Okay really, this is a funky time of year for me. Truth really is stranger than fiction isn't it? This time of year I get funky. I feel homesick during the holidays, yet I love the holidays because they are such a fun and busy time. I get a little down this time of year, I think this is a combination of several things: the weather gets gray this time of year, it gets cold so we don't go outside as much, the days get way to short for me it is dark by 4:00 in the afternoon, all combined with my seasonal homesickness. Well it all makes me tired and less productive than usual.

Don't misunderstand things, I am a happy lady, this is the hardest time of year for me. Many of mother nature's creatures hibernate, go dormant this time of year. It's more like that than like slit my wrist depression. I even manage to feel guilty about being a slug this time of year. I have much to be joyous about...but I still want sunshine (with the snow) and long days and it would be great if California would just move to Canada for 2 months of the year, but we keep the cold and the snow.

Here are a few pictures of the Rotary Vacation Draw Dinner/HQC Staff Christmas Party

A lovely couple: Fillet and the Giggle Queen

Shane (rents our basement suite, also a Barking Cow) and his girlfriend Crista:

You were wondering if Phil was in every picture weren't you? This is Carolyn's new man Brian he was funny and sweet and he loves a good goldfish on the rocks.

I am sorry Taniel, this is the best picture of the dress. We never did take pictures of the full outfits, we were to busy having a blast. I had great hair, Kenny did it for me and there is not one good photo of it! The Giggle Queen is looking smoking hot is she not!?

The only photo of Paul and I for the night, and I took this one. It should be noted that I was a camera slacker for the evening. I think I took about 10 pictures the entire evening and most of those I have posted for you.

It just wouldn't be a party with Carolyn if she did not tie something around someones head and make them drink a goldfish. Thank you Wade for being such a good sport!

See, I do have fun here. In spite of the dark and the grey and the cold and the missing Californians. It would have been more fun if you all were there too!


Shannon said...

I was wondering where you've been too. It's nice to see you. I can't imagine it getting dark at 4pm. It gets dark here about between 5 and 6. I used to think that was early.

Kelly O said...

Further north we get dark before you, we reap the benifits in the summer when we have a longer day than you do. For the winter it bites.

angie, party of one said...

I remember it staying light really late during summer at my Grandma's house in Bellingham.
We miss you too this, and all, times of year Kelly Anne!

Wudas said...

It gets dark earlier and faster the further north you go. In MacKesnsy BC it's daylight at 3 and dark at 3:30.

We miss you too. Especially today. I've been try to catch you in the evening on IM. I want to chat about D'land. I am hoping it doesn't overlap with Stitches West on Feb 22-23. I want to sign up for a class. Maybe Paul could take the kids home and you stay and extra two days to go with me.

Griffin Family 2006 said...

You looked beautiful, thank you for posting them!