Friday, November 10, 2006

Slow Down

Life is going way to fast for me right now. I know that everyone out there juggles the same things I do and more. A job, taking care of kids, extended family, pets, hobbies, hubbies, taking care of house and home and so much more; sometimes I get kind of overwhelmed by it all.

I imagine that we all feel this way from time to time. It is not that every moment of my time is busy, but my days are full and I am pooped out at the end of them. They are full of good things, lots of smiles and giggles and some things I could do without. I could do with out fits and tears, I could do with out lists. To Do lists, Not done lists, Want to lists, Have Too lists, Honey Do lists. Bleh.

Sebastian lost his tooth on Monday, he is thrilled about it. He even wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy, asking her to leave the tooth for him to take to show and tell. (She not only left the tooth but she left him a note and some $$) It is a rite of passage, your first tooth, it also makes me want to slow down time for yet another reason. Part of me is not ready for my babies to grow up, part of me can't wait to see them grow.

Not a day on the calendar this month goes unplanned. It's not all my stuff, in fact I bet Shannon's calendar looks just like this. I like it better when there are some empty squares!

Shannon sent a gift of love. Kids clothes and xmas. Thank you Shannon.

Your birthday gift sure did make Q smile:


Anonymous said...

Says I can't comment on a non google blog. But I'm trying again.

Anonymous said...

Guess you have to log in first. As I was saying, I love getting boxes in the mail. Especially if they have nothing to do with my credit card.

Anonymous said...

I love getting boxes in the mail. It's like getting a present.

I'm glad that you got the box and that Quentin likes his Birthday present. I'm sorry it was so late.