Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Family and Fiber

We went visiting over the weekend. We got to see lots of family and have lots of fun. Every time we go to Kelowna for a visit I come back a little bit homesick. Family is important to me and I always come back wishing we all lived closer.

I did not take many pictures put I do have a couple for you. Here's Papa Harvey and Sebass. Harvey is doing really well, he has been battleing lung cancer for two years now and is winning the fight, he is an amazing man and one of the best storey tellers I have ever known. I could sit and listen to him talk about the things he has done and seen for hours.

Granny with the boys. Gran is doing well, she seems at her best when she is 'doing' she is not good at being idle. Gran and Harv are moving at the end the of the month. They are moving to be closer to Gran's youngest daughter, Colleen, who is having some health problems of her own. Gran wants to be able to help her out, so they are moving within walking distance of Colleen's house.

Miss mouse wearing a silly wig that Granny gave her to play with.

I have never seen this little girl before, but she's pretty cute.

We have now come to the fiber portion of the show. Here is some yummy yarn that nom dyed for me. I say yummy because the colours all remind of food, Blueberries, limes, cantelope and honey dew mellon, Bubble gum icecream.

A little spinning:

On the way to Kelowna, I talked Paul into taking a little detour. There is a little fiber shop in Armstrong, which was only about 2o minutes out of our way. It is the same lady I bought the wheel from. I brought her some of my first spinning, I wanted to show it to her and ask her what I could be doing differently and find out if there was anything I was supposed to do to the fiber after spinning and before knitting.
I was looking to pick up several different types of fibers so I could try different things and see how they spin. I have not tried Merino yet, but I did want to try a silk blend. This picture does not do the colour justice. Hard to capture color when it overcast.

Here is a merino/tencel blend. There are 3x 200g bunches of it there. That is supposed to be enough for a sweater if I keep spinning at my current WPI. This is for my first sweater from my own spinning. Pretty isn't it? Should be done in a few years, I am in no hurry. I am surprised that roving is is cheeper than yarn, $14 per 200 grams for this one, if it is indeed enough for a sweater, that is only $42. Don't even talk about the cost of labour or time to spin it. Don't go there, I am happy in my own little world.

Here is some nice creamy Merino. This is destined for mom's hands after I spin it I plan on sending it to her dye pot.

The splurge, oh yes, Merino and CASHMERE, yum. I have never had the pleasure of knitting with cashmere, but I plan to. Mom notice what color it is, also destined for your dye pot.

It seems clear what I will doing to stay out of trouble this winter. What will you be up to?


Wudas said...

I'm dying to get my hand on some of your spinning. It sounds like you drive places like we do. We went to Burbank via hwy 101 instead of I-5. It was only about three hours or so out of our way.
But there was this little fiber shop in Solvang.

You need to set the twist in your yarn before you knit with it. It's very easy to do. Let me know if you need instructions, but I figure someone has already told you.

Did you get my email about KICK?

Shannon said...

Those colors are beautiful. Can't wait to see what you make out of it.