Monday, October 30, 2006

Knitting Still Happens Here

I have been doing a little knitting lately. I am really enjoying the spinning so I am trying to find a little time to both. This is a hat I am working on for PJ, knitting with beads is fun and easy so far. This hat is a free pattern off a blog I read. Let me know if you want the link I am lazy today so not posting it now. I like the hat so much I might knit one up for myself, maybe with some handspun.

Speaking of spinning: I love the colour and it was fun to spin: I am not sure what to do with it yet. A hat?

We have been enjoying warm weather in the Loops, until yesterday, we got our first good frost. It was -6 this morning. These pictures were taken Sunday:

This one is just funny: yup that's the flash off the front window, nice huh?


Bonnie said...

You should see the weather here!!!! It is amazing. We tried to go to the beach yesterday, but the trains didn`t run often enough.
I spent the entire day yesterday tanning in a park nearby. Its was 28 degrees.

We are going to try to get it together to go beaching on wednesday. Catch some more of this beautiful mediterranean sun.

Its funny to have it so warm though, it seems funny to me that you guys are having fall. I love fall and can`t wait till it gets cold enough to wear my coat, but until then, I could get used to this weather.

Wudas said...

I think that's 26F. If I remembered to do the conversion right. That's cold. It's in the 40'sF here at night mid 70's low 80's in the day. Perfect weather. Don't forget to watch for your package and let me know when you get it. I want to know what you think when you see the colors in person.

Shannon said...

The yarn looks beautiful. Can't wait to see the hat when it's done.

mariana godoy leite said...

love you and miss you a lot!!!
I can´t wait to see PJ wearing this cute and awesome hat!!
Take Care..