Friday, December 01, 2006

I Bet You Didn't Know...

  • When it is -20C the lipstick you keep in you vehicle freezes solid enough that it of little use.
  • At -20C the lotion you keep in the glove box is an unusable solid brick.
  • One of my favorites: When playing outside, even for very short periods of time, and your nose is running your boogers freeze before they drip. Yes you read that right, frozen boogers in your nose.
  • The freezing point of gasoline depends on the octane, but the long and the short of it is: damn cold, -107C as near as I can find a figure for you, no need to worry about gas freezing in your fuel lines.
  • When enough snow builds up along the side of the roads they break out the loaders and the dump trucks and and scoop up the snow and take it away.
  • I always thought they took the snow and dumped in the river. It turns out that dumping it in the river is actually a big no-no. The snow from roads and parking lots is actually considered hazardous waste. This is due to all the salt, de-icing chemicals and garbage in it. (this info comes from Doug, landscape artist when it's green out, snow removal guy when it is white out)
  • When I say garbage I mean garbage: Mcdonald's wrappers, cigarette butts, even needles and drug waste from your friendly local user.
  • You need a biohazzard certificate or as Canadians call it "ticket" to carry a truck load of salt.
  • I run outside all year around, I draw the line in the snow around -18C, it's just to damn cold then.
  • You have seen photos of the vast amounts of snow in our yard right now, but no pictures of snowmen. It has been so cold that the snow is dry and will not stick to itself, it's like trying to make a snowman out of very cold talcum powder. Try it front of your air conditioner with the fan on full blast for the full effect.
  • I enjoy all the different weather conditions we get in the Loops, the snow makes me love summer all the more and the hot summer makes appreciate the winter months.
  • I have dream of being able to afford to fly my entire family up from Ca. to spend a white Christmas here with us. In my dream I charter a private plane and fly everyone up for less than it would cost to use a commercial airline.


Shannon said...

I love all the snow facts. It's very interesting. The talcum powder description gives me a very good visual. I had no idea boogers could freeze in anyone's nose.

angie, party of one said...

That's damn cold considering the snot is probably close to 98.6 degrees! You're so smart Kelly Anne with your snow facts.

Kelly O said...

That's me, smart with frozen snot stuck inside my beak.