Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Roads and Such

I thought I would give you an idea of what the roads are like in the Loops after a snow. I took my camera to work and took these pictures on my drive home, don't worry I was stopped when I took the photos.

This one is me pulling out of the alley behind the office and onto the street. As you can see there is a lot of snow on the road so I take it easy.

This one takes us up to one of the main roads in the Loops.

This is Columbia St. one of the busiest roads in the Loops. You can see that is clear as compared to other roads. They clean the main arteries, the highways and school zones first, then if the there is time between snow falls they do all the side roads and residental areas.

This is the bottom of the hill I drive up to get to the house. You can see the road was clear on Saturday. This is one of the most dangerous intersections in the Loops. People come down the hill to fast and slide across the intersection. You can see that the light is green and no one is moving yet. They are waiting to make sure the cars that just got the red light actually stop before the folks with the green start to go.

This hill is funny, I have seen cars stuck on the bottom many times. It is usually people who don't bother to put winter tires on their vehicles and they don't have the traction to make it up. I have really good winter tires on the van and I have never had any trouble making home.

Here are some pretty pictures I took driving into the neighborhood:

The path between the neighbors house and ours. They have kids too and the kids go back forth quite a bit, Dave dug out the path for them.

A winter rose:

See the flat crummy lighting on all of these pictures? It is about 3 in the afternoon when I took them and it was thinking about snowing, makes for funky light.


Wudas said...

This is not for the foolhardy, that's for sure. I'll keep my nice clear roads. Bet going to LA is lookin' good by now.

Shannon said...

Love the photo of the trees. Those both came out great. I had no idea how much snow you guys actually had to deal with. Those are great photos.