Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all did too. These first pictures are from Christmas Eve, we went to visit with Grandma Helen, brought her some gifts and took her out to lunch. Here you see her giving gifts to the kids. The Giggle Queen suggested I get some small gifts for the kids and have Helen give them to them. Great idea, the gifts kept the kids busy while we visited and even through lunch.

Helen with her 'boyfriend' Tony. They spend a lot of time together, I am not sure but I think she believes that he is Charles, who was her common-law spouse.

The beautiful gift that Paul picked out from his parents. We hung it up in the window of her room. She loves it.

Christmas morning was a hoot the kids did a great job sharing all their gifts. Here they are looking for something to unwrap:

Shannon's gifts were a hit. They have worn them quite a few times since Christmas.

Shannon you will appreciate how much mileage Q got out of his on Christmas day:

We cooked up some live lobster with the Linfields for Christmas dinner. It was so yummy I am still full.

My kids would not even taste the lobster. I think once they saw them live they did not want to eat them any more. They had no trouble watching them go into the huge pot of boiling water.


Shannon said...

I'm glad that your kids liked their gifts from us. I hope that you and Paul liked yours as well.

Lobster for Christmas dinner? That sounds wonderful!

Wudas said...

Yum! Sign me up! Did the lobsters scream when you put them in water?

I talked my sister, Patti, into putting up a blog.

Now, if I can get the others to do so I'll be in business.

angie, party of one said...

Those are (were) some big ass lobsters!!!