Thursday, September 13, 2007


We have been enjoying out visit with Dad and Corinne. The kids have had lots of fun with them. Here is Corinne reading a book to them at bedtime.

We have been shopping and even went out to dinner last night. I can't tell you what has made us feel so busy but I am feeling a bit pooped out today.

I think mostly we are still getting used to the school schedule, I clock watch all day worrying about which kid I pick up at what time. I know we will slip into a routine, I just hoping it happens soon.
Sebass had a great day at school today, it is the first day he was not in tears when I dropped him and off and also the first day his stomach was settled enough to eat his sandwich all up. He was asking me at dinner how many sleeps he has has until he gets a day off school. I hope Friday ends the week with a good day for him.
There has been little knitting happening but I have been working at the spinning wheel a bit. I have some plying to do but I am not sure if it will happen tonight. I am kind of ready to veg. out with a book or a sock.


Ritsin said...

Hey there, happy to hear Sebass has settled in to school. I don't know who it's harder on - the mom or the kid?

Check out the kids' book titles, charade night is approaching!

Shannon said...

I bet your all stressed out because all your kids are adjusting to being in school. Things will settle down soon.

angie, party of one said...

That is a great picture of your dad and Corinne. Please tell them hello for me.

Leanna said...

I just got caught up on blog seems like you've been going through a lot right now that can be very tiring. I am in Montreal having a great time desperately trying to get caught up on my blogging and still see all the sights.