Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy Post

I think it is more than time for a happy post. As the kids back into the routine of school and things settle down a bit I am trying to settle in a routine of my own. I am working blogging back in as part of my regular routine so I am going to catch up on some camping trips and try to keep up all up to speed once I get there.

These pictures are from our camping (really it's not camping if you are staying in a cabin is it?) at Okanagan Lake three weeks ago (maybe a month, I could be that far behind myself). Doug and his 2 kids came with us, this pictorial should give you a good idea of how we spent the weekend.

Here is the beautiful cabin we stayed in. I think it is one of those you buy already built from Home Depot and then plunk on the prettiest little spot you can find. The cabin had a loft that all the kids slept in, Paul and I took the bedroom and Doug slept on the fold out couch. It was cozy and everything a cabin on the Lake should be.

Here is the view from the beach, it was overcast with a little drizzle, but still warm enough to swim and sit outside.

Our kids get along really well with Doug's girls, here they are playing by the water, Doug's youngest is hiding behind the PJ and Riley.

There were a lot of Canadian Geese on the water. I don't know if I have ever seen so many in one pace before. They were quite noisy when they all started honking and took flight. It was pretty neat to see.

Here are a few them in flight.

You can't really tell here, but this flower is the size of a dinner plate. It is the blossom of some sort of squash, I thought it was so pretty with a bit of sunlight reflecting off of it.

One more for you. This is my "sucker hole" picture. One of Dad's favorite sayings. When you see a bright a blue in an otherwise cloudy sky, Dad calls it a "Sucker Hole", because you think it is going to clear up to be a beautiful bright sunny day and it never does.


Shannon said...

I love sucker holes! They remind me of Dad. I told one of my coworkers about them and he laughed at me.

Wudas said...

That's what my Dad used to call them too. I hope you are having a nice visit with Dad and Corrine.

Does anyone use IM any more?

Shannon said...