Saturday, September 29, 2007

What a Week

It has been a doosey of a week, but you guys already know this. I am going to just skip over the crappy stuff and share some of the events that made me smile.

Q had his 4th birthday. What a wonderful sweet boy he is! We are lucky to have such a sweet family. This boy is the icing on the cake:

He really wanted a boat for his birthday. Or a race car he could "really drive." one he could "fit in myself" as he put it. The race car was out of the question (shouldn't Mommy have one first? Or I am being selfish?) So the kid got a boat.

The thing is pretty neat, it comes apart and clicks back together in 100 different ways. It has a submarine, scuba divers and even a shark with shark cage. I saw it a Costco and knew it was destined to belong to Q. It even has a water proof motor that you can attach to any piece you want.

Lets just say that bath time is more fun than ever. I always thought the octopus in the hot tub was Paul, but it turns it came with the boat.

PJ has a sense of fashion that I can not even begin to understand. What I do know is that every day she comes out of her room dressed and ready for the day. I don't need to nag her to get dressed, I just need to be accepting of what she chooses to wear.

I have the other girls in her class talk about PJ's sense of fashion with reverence. I have heard them whispering to their moms, "Mommy look, PJ is wearing a princess dress to school, she always wears dresses." The self confidence that PJ has to wear exactly what she wants is admirable. I hope this does not bite in the but when turns 14.

Here is what she wore to school on Friday:

Work it, work it:

She was totally happy with herself. Who am I to judge? I love that girl.
Sebass apparently flew under the radar this week as I did not have any good pictures of him. He is still adapting to the long school day and is tired and a bit touchy when he gets home from school. This will go away. Won't it?


Wudas said...

Yes it will. He will make friends, find his place in his class, get involved with projects. And he'll be just fine.

angie, party of one said...

PJ has always been one self confident girl. A trait I wish more young girls had. Not many girls would want their head shaved like their brother's, she is a kick ass girl!

Shannon said...

Sebastian will adjust. It will just take some time.

I love Paige's self confidence about her sense of style. That's one of the things I love about little kids. You can sit in a mall or at Disneyland and watch the kids go by in all their crazy outfits. The kids don't have any problem wearing something that makes them happy.