Sunday, October 21, 2007


It took me 45 minutes but I got the pictures to post. I often think of moving to another blog service and then I figure better the devil you know. Who knows what I could be getting into with a different one.

Here are those hockey pictures I told you I would post. You can really see how much the kids enjoy playing by their faces. Here is Bass:

Here he is on the ice:

PJ, it really cracks me up how much she loves putting on all gear. She does insist on pick hockey tape. You can put the princess in the hockey gear if she has pink tape.

Here she is doing a puck handling drill.

And the lean mean hockey machine: Q.

He is a tripod on skates. The hockey stick seems to be mostly for balance at this point. He is really working on his skating at this point and having tons of fun. The fun is the important part.

Paul missed his flight out of S.F. this afternoon. I am not sure how it happened, he just did not allow himself enough time to return the rental car and check in I guess. He is in Vancouver on standby now. Flights are delayed due to weather and he is not sure if he will be able to get one tonight.

I can get the kids off to school and it is my day to work so as long as he is here in time to pick the kids up at school in the morning and afternoon it will work work out alright.


Shannon said...

Did Paul make it home yet?

Wudas said...

Those airports can be tricky deals sometimes.

I think Q could out skate me any day.

Theresa said...

Thats Great that all three of the kids have found something that they all love to do.