Wednesday, October 10, 2007

When You Put the Book Down

You get shit done.

You pick up your camera and snap a few pictures of Fall.

You capture a missing tooth:

You finish a Christmas gift. It did not take long. I am a little proud, cast on at the hockey game Friday night and blocking this evening. I am amazed at what happens when I can put down the books.

Funny boy in a funny hat. I love the way is squished his eyes all up.

Truth be told I did read a couple a chapters. At night, in bed after all the fun was done. I also took a few minutes to look out the front window.

I met Princess Leah.

I finished a pair of socks.

I captured more Fall colours:

I had a lot of fun. If you will excuse me, I am all pooped out, I think I need to go read.


Wudas said...

And just think! She's not done with the series yet!

Shannon said...

I love all the autumn photos. Not very many plants or trees change color here.

Leanna said...

I haven't fallen off the earth but at the edge of Canada finally. I'll up date my blog but first I wanted to catch up on yours. So when do you move into the new house and office?

memoriestoremember said...

The best(?) part is now you have passed the books onto me to borrow, now I will be getting nothing accomplished. All those wonderful books your family brought was hard to resist.

OH you will have to bring the x-mas gift into work, i am excited to see the finished product, the yarn was beautiful.