Friday, October 05, 2007


We are at a bit of a turning point in our lives. By "a bit" I think I mean huge. I have waiting for a shift, begging for a shift in energy and I think it has finally occurred.

Here is my metaphor. We went out to look at a house yesterday. We have been thinking about owning a chunk of land. We would like to build our home in a few years and we have been half heartedly looking for some acreage to build it on.

A few days ago we received a phone call from someone, who knows someone, who heard we might be looking for a bit a land. It turns out this couple with a four bedroom house on 20 acres is breaking up and they want to get rid of the house quickly. It is a great deal, 15 minuets from town, great well right on the property, a dirt bike track on the bus route for the kids to go school and in our price range.

While we were checking out the property we had a bit of fun with the truck. Paul tried to back it into a ditch to turn around and we got high centered.

You can't really see it in the above photo but the back wheel on the passenger side is not touching the ground.

You can tell if you look carefully, the front tire on the drivers side is not touching the ground. Paul tried sitting on the hood of the truck while I drove it out of the ditch. He needs to eat a bit more, he did not quite weigh enough to get the front tire on the ground.

We were stuck good (welcome to the past month or so of our lives)

Enter the shift: We went back to the owners of the one we had just looked at and the guy pulled us out with his truck. He was good natured and happy to do it. He was thrilled to pull a Ford out of the ditch with his Chevy. We may never hear the end of it, but we are no longer teetering.

I know you are aching to know about the house. Did we buy it?

In addition to all this house stuff, we have had a ton of stuff on our plates with the office. We have been in the process of purchasing our own Spine-Med machine. You may remember me mentioning the Spinal Decompression machine we had at the office? You know the one where a doctor in town put the machine in our office and we ran it while he paid for the machine did all the advertising and we kept our cut?

We did very well with that machine. But the doctor we were working with got greedy. He broke our contract and pulled the machine out of our office. We lawyered up and what not, lots of to do about it. In the long run we let him out of our contract with us (he broke it illegally and was still bound to it) and he let us out the covenant that stated we could not own our own machine within a year of him removing it from our office. Long and short: everyone is happy in the end. Paul is picking up our machine this weekend and we get started with it on Tuesday.

There is more...are you bored to tears yet?

We have another dream, you know in addition to the whole house thing. Our retirement plan has always been commercial property. We want to buy a building. Last night we were presented with an incredible opportunity to buy the bottom floor of new building, going up next to the hospital. We would own the bottom floor along with a local neurosurgeon and an MRI machine, and a doctor that specializes in facet blocks (more back stuff).

Last night we were teetering, for only a moment about what we should do and then it came. The shift. I swear to you I felt the energy in the room change, the energy in the house, the energy within me and within Paul. I remembered something I have always known, the glass IS half full. I knew it all along. I just needed to be slapped upside the head with it.

You are still wondering what we did? I bet you know....


Griffin Family 2006 said...

That's so exciting! I am so stoked for the 5 of you! You did leave us all in a little bit of suspicion though! I gonna go with you bought it! So congrats! Cannot wait to hear more! Miss you guys!

Shannon said...

Can't wait to hear what you and Paul decided.

memoriestoremember said...

Oh yes, I was going to ask how the meeting went but i wanted to give you guys a bit of time to digest all of the info. Basically a "win, win" situation though.
The house: Do I see Sheep (and a goat just for kicks) in the Ouimet future?

Ritsin said...

Your posts are so cryptic. Did they or didn't they? 20 acres is plenty of room for a cow to graze and bark. All the best to the Ouimets and their future endeavours.

Wudas said...


Wudas said...

What is the name of the song on the Yarn Harlot's Blog?