Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bring the Noise

I am celebrating tonight. I just had a medium thin crust chicken club pizza delivered and I cracked open a beer. Paul and the kids come back tomorrow afternoon. I am celebrating their return, I am ready to have the house full of noise again, and I am celebrating my last evening to myself.

Pablo is on his first exchange weekend meeting all the other rotary exchange students. It has been fun to have this week with him without the kids. I think it gave him a good chance to get started in school and into a morning routine before we add the kids to the mix. I have really enjoyed having the quiet evenings to chat with him about his day and how is getting along here in Canada. He is a wonderful young man to spend time with.

I had a 'duh' moment with my vest. I pulled out a fleece vest I wear all the time and I like the way it fits. I put away the tape measure and knit the back of the Celtic Vest until it was the same width across the shoulders as my fleece vest. I appreciate the help, I agree with mom and Shannon about the 15' being in addition to the few inches I had already knit.

I got a laugh when Shannon posted about her macro lens. I have been looking for one on the internet for a while and finally ordered when I found a price I liked and saved some money for it. I got it a week or two ago, I have only played with it a little. It is going to take a bit for me to get the hang of it.

We had a light shower while I was in the hot tub this morning and I saw the way the water was beading up on the flowers and it seemed like a good time to play with the lens. The focal field really changes when you get that lens on. It is easy to focus on a portion of something and blur out the rest of your picture, but really hard for me to get the whole field into focus. I had a great time playing with it today.

I think it is time for one more slice of pizza, a good action movie and some more knitting.

Shannon, I took a page out your book today and danced around the living room with music blasting in my ears. I was wearing my pajamas though. It was fun, I thought of you and had a great time.


Shannon said...

Rocking out by yourself is always fun. No one to laugh at you or make fun of you. I do it around the kids and they just give me wierd looks.

I like your macro lense. It does closer photos than mine does. Which lense is it?

Anonymous said...

You know what they say Dance like no one is watching and sing like no one can hear!!! Rock on ladies!!!


angie, party of one said...

I think the macro lense pics came out great.
It sounds like you're having fun with your newest family member, I think it's cool you guys do that.
Welcome home everyone!

memoriestoremember said...

cool pictures, I too have been searching and debating about a macro lens. What beautiful pictures.
Your weeks sounds enjoyable. It's funny how you start to miss all of the noise...