Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Secret Mystery Guy

Shannon, can you tell I have been reading the Junie B books to PJ. She loves them by the way. They really make all the kids laugh.

This weekend we went camping to Badger Lake, it was incredibly beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was really cold at night, frost on the ground when you wake up kind of cold and warm enough for shorts during the day.

Here is the infamous Pablo. I finally caught him on film (on memory card actually) here he is checking out his camping pictures.

Paul and Doug decided a couple of the large rocks in our campsite were in the way so they decided to re-arrange the campground. I got such a chuckle out of guys being guys. Of course Pablo got right into the swing of things and soon the men folk had the dirt and rocks arranged to their liking.

They thought this rock moving was perfectly normal, but if I think I want to move the couch to the other side of the front room they would both think I was crazy.

I mixed in a few pictures with the macro lens. I spent a bit of my time playing with it and relaxing that way. I am really enjoying it.

Doug came camping with us, Badger Lake is actually one of his favorite camping places and he really wanted to show it to us. It is a bit of a bumpy ride in with the trailer but worth every bump. There are only 16 campsites there. It is very quiet and private.

Doug has some great toys and he brought them out to share with us. He has a quad and everyone had a go at it. Paul has been trying to get me to try a quad for a couple of years now. Well, I did this past weekend and I am hooked. Paul drove it into the bush and I drove it out. I went slow and easy at a pace I was comfortable with, what a blast. We drove out to a little lake and sat there just the two us for a little bit and enjoyed the solitude, so nice.

Doug brought two kayak's with him as well. Here is Pablo in one of them. The lake is like glass and you can putter all around it in the kayaks. You can use them in as little as a foot of water, so you can cruise along the shore and check out whatever you want or travel out to the middle of the lake and enjoy the space.

Another macro lens shot:

One more picture of Pablo the secret mystery guy. I am posting this one for his parents. He seems to having a great time here in Canada and is welcoming any adventure that crosses his path. (He did not go out the quad alone, he did went out with Paul and was wearing safety gear!) We are enjoying him very much his two months with us is going by just a little to quickly for all of us.


Wudas said...

Nice camping spot. The weather is cooling here too. We will be in the 80's next week. Time to find a coat. Or sweater.

Anonymous said...

Camping site was beautiful...finally cooler days ahead...almost sweater weather ..I'm ready!!! thanks for sharing....Sandi

Shannon said...

Looks like everyone had a great time.

Pablo´s Family said...

Thanks Kelly for posting the pictures of our son! Thanks, also, for being so hospitable with him.

Gracias Kelly por poner las fotos de nuestro hijo. Gracias tambien por ser tan hospitalarios con él.

Pablo, Elena, Maria de Lourdes, Erin, y Maribel.

angie, party of one said...

Hello Pablo's family! How nice that you watch Kelly's blog and posted on it. Pablo is in good hands, Kelly and her family are great people!

angie, party of one said...

BTW, when do the kids go back to school in Canada?

memoriestoremember said...

It's nice camping this time of year, the cool nights are nice and the days are still warm.
Hopefully we can catchup later this week?