Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tangled Web

I love what you all had to say about my last post. I knew I was speaking to a group of women that would understand what I was saying and contribute more for me to think about.

Here is a picture of the sunset off our back deck about two weeks ago. It was not long I think after Pablo had arrived, a week maybe. I told him to go outside and check out the sunset. I thought it was so nice of mother nature to give him such a show within his first week.

The spider web pictures I took with the macro lens were only a small portion of the web. The web is quite beautiful. When you walk out the sliding glass door to the back deck. If you look up and too your right this web has been made there attached to the house and to the gazebo cover over the deck.

It is quite large, at least a foot and half across maybe larger. We have all watched it grow and every one has respectfully let the spider work and avoids the web so they don't damage it. Often you can see the spiders dinner it.

I have been wondering where the spider is, I have never actually seen her until today. (was is Charlotte's Web that makes me think of most spiders as being female?) I decided to have a closer look and see if I could find the homeowner. She is in the picture below but hard to see due her colouring.

This one should make it easier for you. These are taken with my regular lens. I did not want to get so close as to disturb her. She is huge. This photo does her no justice. She is big fat and round with very furry short legs. She is the size of a big fat purple grape. I am not kidding you, she is huge. Think the end of thumb kind of thing. I think if she were a person she would be shaped with pear if you know what I mean.

We will just leave her be unless she seeks shelter in the house in the winter. She is not welcome inside. Maybe if she moves in I could talk Paul into moving her out to the shed? Do spiders hibernate or what?? Anyone out there know what the heck they do in the winter?

Shannon, I went online and did some research I ended up buying the Cannon EF 100mm f/2.8 marco lens. It seemed the best for what I wanted without spending to much dough. Makes me laugh the booklet on it says it does 1x isn't that lifesized, so basically no magnification? You can get as close as 15cm from the front of the lens to your subect and out to 1.6 feet. (odd that I think in both feet and cm and don't think about now) So far I like it, a serious learning curve on how close to get and how to focus. Fun stuff. Which lens did you decide on?


Wudas said...

Really, really nice picture. I would keep my eye on the spider. She might have some kids.

angie, party of one said...

I do not like the spider at all! I know killing her may not be a humane thing to do (yes, I too saw charlotte's Web and cried) but like mom said, if she has kids, and they bite, it could be bad.

Patricia said...

I'm a spider fan also. The beauty of their webs are breathtaking. I do however have to say, the Black Widow get a short life span around here. I just don't want one of the dogs having a run in with 'em. They're also very aggressive. I had one run up the shaft of my screwdriver and try and bite me once.

Same goes for the scorpions. Although most of the ones we get a tiny. Occasionally we'll run across a big fat frightening beast. Luckily, they're few and far between.

Your sunset is breathtaking. Sights like that put life in perspective and makes us realize how small we are in this universe.

Enjoy the new camara!

Aunt Patricia

Shannon said...

Love the photos. I can't get quite that close with my macro lense. I don't think Will realized how close I want to get with my photos.

memoriestoremember said...

I don't mind spiders either, but I am not sure if it would become part of the family....I agree with your mom too if that pear shaped lady decides to reproduce it could be nasty.

JustApril said...

WOW! What an awesome sunset! Cool spider and web, too - I love watching spiders. I think they lay their eggs and then die nearish to Winter, but not too sure if that applies to all spiders.