Friday, September 05, 2008

Knitting Help

I have been knitting up the Celtic vest and it is coming along pretty quickly. I really like the stitch pattern, I will take a picture of it this weekend for you. I am not that impressed with the pattern directions. I actually have a question for all of you, the directions seem to be a bit subject to interpretation and I am wondering what you all think.

The vest is knit sideways and you start under the right arm, you knit for about 2" in pattern and then you cast on more stitches and you are knitting the back. pattern reads: " cast on x number of stitches and continue in pattern for 13/15/17" I can't decide if the entire work is supposed to measure 15" (I am knitting a medium) or if the work from the added cast-on stitches is to measure 15" Anyone have an idea. I figure I can fudge a bit when I block it, but I don't want it to stick out to far across the shoulders.

I took Pablo and one of the German exchange students to see The Dark Knight movies last night. It was so good. I am feeling the need to see the movie a second time and that does not happen often for me.

Tonight after work is girls night. Three women who I work out with are coming over after a run. I emailed Paul to let him know the hot tub would be full of beautiful woman while he was out of town.

He and the kids are having fun. I guess Sebass has spent so much time in the pool he is wearing out the bottom of feet on the concrete pool bottom. Paul sounds wonderful and relaxed when I talk him on the phone he needed the break from work. They will be home Sunday evening.


Wudas said...

It sounds like they want you knit 15" after the original 2" to me. You can give it an eyeball or have someone help you hold it to your body and see what you think at that point in your knitting.

What do you think Shannon?

angie, party of one said...

When do the kids go back to school up there Kelly Anne? I guess they make out better than our kids down here who now start in August in a lot of communities.
Sound like Sea Bass needs to wear flip flops in the pool. Or become a merman, either way.
Can't help with the knitting, sorry.

Kelly O said...

I was thinking the same as you mom, it just seems kind of big, and I am at 13" it is so hard to tell without someone to hold it up to me.

Maybe I can get someone to help me out.

Shannon said...

I agree with Mom. You could also get someone to help measure you across your back and the length of your back. That might also give you an idea of which direction the 15" is supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

What fun to have a merman for a son!!! As for the knitting well, good thing you have your mom and Shannon as I am NO help at all...Sandi