Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hockey Stars of Tomorrow

I took these pictures while we were skating with the kids on Sunday. It is not actually their hockey skate, they just love gearing up. We do shoot the puck around and what not, and the pads do make for a soft landing when you fall.

That is Q above in the red and below Paul, Sebass and PJ. I think you can guess who is who.

PJ is so funny when we skate on Sundays. She skates around a bit, whacking the puck around with her hockey stick. After a while she skates to the bench and puts her stick down, then she skates up to me and says, "Mom, are you ready yet?"

"Am I ready for what?" I ask her.

"For your skating lessons." She says.

She makes me put my stick away and she skates me out to center ice. She makes me do crossovers (lifting one foot over the other, like your are climbing stairs sideways is how PJ explained it to me, you do it to get around the corners of the rink and to maneuver quickly around other players). Last week after fumbling my way around the circle in center ice, she shook her helmeted head at me.

"Mom, just stop. Try doing them just standing in one spot for a while and when you get the hang of that then you can try the circle again." Totally schooled by a six year old who can out skate me. Priceless.

Apparently next week I am learning to stop on a dime. "You know mom just skate like this" PJ demonstrates skating across the ice. "And when you want to stop just turn your back where your front just was." The kid executes a perfect stop. I may need to wear Paul's hockey shorts for the padding, I fear my backside may suffer during next weeks lesson.

I love how much my kids make me laugh. And oh yeah...they teach me stuff too.


Shannon said...

I would love to see some photos of Paige giving you skating lessons. children are endlessly entertaining.

Wudas said...

I will never ever skate on ice with your kids around. How are they with wheels on their feet?

angie, party of one said...

Sounds like you have a great skating coach!