Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Cold

I have been working hard to keep the kids busy with inside fun stuff lately.

Here they are building a gingerbread house:

They worked on this for a couple of hours together with no fighting. I even had some time to make homemade turkey soup while they were working on it.

Up until this weekend our winter had been unusually warm. We had only a bit of snow, and what we got had just about melted away.

Our cold weather has decided to come with a vengeance and plenty of snow along with it. I think it snowed for about 24 hours straight. Starting Friday afternoon and was still going on Saturday night. It was -15C yesterday with a nasty wind.

For the metric challenged:

Today we woke up to clear skies and the wind has settled down some. It was -20C when I woke up this morning, I think that is -4F. The kids saw the sunshine and and decided they wanted to play outside. They were out for about 2 hours on and off today and even longer yesterday.

I guess if there is enough snow to play in then the bitter cold is tolerable? They have been building forts and snow tunnels. I think in this picture that Sebass (in the red coat) is relaxing in his snow bed while PJ and Q are digging in the snow.

I found better ways to entertain myself, cleaned the house, baked some bread, started a puzzle with the kids and now I am thinking I will spin for a bit and watch 27 dresses.

I loved your comments on the last post, I was trying to remember if I told you about the patient that asked me if I was Paul's daughter. He recognized the last name thing...but that was as far as he got. He is my favorite patient of all time.


Shannon said...

Here I was folding laundry and Will starts laughing out loud. He started choking he laughing so hard while he was reading your post. He loves the gingerbread house the kids made.

I love the last paragraph. He would be my favorite patient too.

Wudas said...

Hey, quit sending your icy cold air down here. It's 45.6 degrees here!

angie, party of one said...

OMG that last little bit of info is fantastic! I'm sure that's Paul's most hated patient now.
SeaBass is looking more and more like Paul all the time.

dwgnldy said...

Just remember....if you like mice, try and save that gingerbread house in a closet for next year. Guaranteed there'll be bites taken out of it. I tried that one year and learned the lesson fast.

Some things are best remembered in pictures.

My old bones ache with just looking at the temperatures you're living in. LOL! I'm definitely a California gal.