Monday, December 22, 2008

You Must be Tired of This

Winter was quite serious about it's first day around here. That is -17F. It is so cold it feels weird to take a deep breath when you go outside.

You know what I find really strange about the cold? I find it odd how quickly we adapt to it. Today it warmed up to -18C and snowed a bit. Everyone who came into the office today was talking about how it is so much milder than the day before. People are very happy that it has warmed up to -18C. Funny.

I drove the truck to work today. Usually I drive the van around town, but Paul had the day off with the kids and had some errands to run so he asked me to take the truck to work.

The van lives in the garage this time of year, so it stays nice and cozy warm. The truck lives in the driveway, it has a block heater and the van does not. So we can plug it in and it won't free up. (Except for last week, when it was parked at the office and the fuel pump froze, chalk that one up to Mysteries of Winter)

When I left for the office I double checked with Paul, is the truck plugged in???? He mumbled something from our warm cozy bed and I scooted out the door. (which I am sure now was a "yes, don't forget to unplug it.")

I got in the truck and drove merrily know where this is going don't you?

I forgot to unplug it from the house first. I did not even realize it until I got to the office. It dawned on me as I turned the engine off. A little to late.

I ripped the plug (it looks like your standard three prong cord only it plugs from your vehicle into an extension cord that plugs into your house) off the block heater.

I am a good wife, I went to the auto parts store to get him a new cord on my way home from work tonight. They were out of them all over town. It is nice to know it's an epidemic. I said to the sales man, "I'm not the only one?" He said, "Oh, no! you have plenty of company."


angie, party of one said...

damn winter wives...can't do anything with them!

Shannon said...

That was funny! I had never heard of a block heater untl I was in Oklahoma in the winter time. The things you learn.

Wudas said...


Anonymous said...

That's cute. Wishing you and the family a happy and health new year. Susan