Thursday, December 18, 2008

Still Cold

It is still a bit cold outside, I think it is -17C right now and the wind is blowing pretty good making it feel damn cold.

We don't usually have any trouble with our vehicles or anything when it gets cold, we are pretty well winterized. This year the truck decided to make an exception to our winterized rules.

On Tuesday the mercury hung out at -20C all day. Paul had just filled the truck with supreme gas (I guess that supreme has a lower freezing temperature than the regular stuff.) Anyway the truck would not start in the evening leaving Paul stranded at work.

He thought his fuel line froze and put in an additive that was supposed to thaw things out. It did not. We figured out how to get home from work (gong show) and how to get him at work by 7:00 am Wed while I got the kids off to school before I went to work (another gong show)

He calls BCAA from the office and traveling mechanic comes out to take a look at things. He has Paul turn over the engine and the traveling mechanic says he can fix the problem right away. He gets out a rubber mallet and crawls under the truck, in the snow, in the very cold snow. He instructs Paul to turn over the truck and the mechanic whacks the fuel pump a few times with the rubber mallet. The truck starts right up.

Apparently the fuel pump was frozen and few whacks was all it needed to wise up.

This morning I am at work and Paul calls. He can't make it in, the truck died getting on the highway....blah...blah blah.

The moral of the story is the truck is still in the shop waiting on a fuel pump. They have it in stock, they just FORGOT to call us to approve the work order, so they did nothing instead.

As a lovely addition to this story while Paul was outside trying so hard to get the truck to start on tuesday night. He just about froze. How cold was he you might ask? He froze his cell phone. He has a three year old blackberry that has been through thick and thin with him. He froze it so that now when you dial the numbers, letters pop up.

I did not know you could freeze a cell phone just standing around outside with it did you?


Wudas said...

You just gotta read the Yarn Harlot's blog.

Kelly O said...

I did, it cracked me up. I think i will show it to Paul.

Shannon said...

I had no idea that a cell phone could freeze while you're standing around in the cold.

I have never had good luck with any mechanic calling me and telling me that my car is ready or that the part is in. I always call to find out what's going on.