Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mooning Over Finished Stuff

Here is the view out our front window this evening.

This second picture is a close up of the moon that shows you the true colour this evening. Amazing isn't it? Mother nature sure knows how to put on a show.

I finished the buggy socks last night. I am happy with them, in spite of all the breaks in the yarn. I never did find any bugs in the ball of yarn itself. There is a little leftover that I am going to put outside tonight, the -15C should kill just about anything.

I talked Sebastian into taking a picture of the lace cowl for me. He was funny, I am in my pajama and therefore not wearing a bra, I asked him to make sure my breasts where not in the picture so no one could tell I was bra-less. So the first picture he takes is from my chin down. When I explained again what I wanted he said "Ohhhhhhh, I got it." Cracked me up

Shannon knit her pretty lace cowl and I liked it so much I asked her what pattern she used. She said "the one on Knitty." So I went to the website, clicked on the "archives" and did a search for cowls and scarves. Only one cowl came up so I printed the pattern and started knitting.

One day I am to the cast off edge and I am talking to Shannon on the phone. I ask her, "Did you use this funny bind off they are talking about here in the pattern or did you make up your own?" She said, "what funny bind off?" We compared pattern and it turns it out this is not the same lace cowl Shannon knit. I got a chuckle out of the whole thing because it was her pattern that inspired me to knit this.

The yarn I used was a very lovely silk that Shannon gave me for Christmas 2007. It had seed beads spun right into the yarn and it was so fun to knit with and feels so soft against my skin, I love it. Silk is very warm, I think I will wear it Wednesday to work.


angie, party of one said...

Your hair is really cute! I think you should have let the girls hang out for the picture!

dwgnldy said...

Love the cowl. It's cute and looks comfy.

That must be a Canadian moon. We had a beautiful moon but not that cool goldish color.

Yep, sometimes Mother Natures gets it just right. Then she comes up with an idea like the avocado. Why make the pit so big? I'd rather have more meat! LOL!

Wudas said...

The moon was gold here and very beautiful. Your cowl looks great!

I've printed so many patterns off the web that I have a stack of them. I found the scarf pattern that I'm going to use for the hand spun cashmere D spun. It's a lace pattern and doesn't take much yarn. I think it will be just right.

As soon as I get around to it.

Shannon said...

Your cowl looks great and so do your socks. That's great that you finally found someone to take photos of you so we can see you once in a while.