Sunday, March 08, 2009

Wooly Weekend

Holy Cow! I did it. I wound all that yarn into balls and got them all organized downstairs, I will try to take pictures of that later. To tired right now. (All my stash was not featured in the the pictures on the back deck, there was also a bin of cotton, a basket of wool hiding in my room, a medium sized bin yarn set aside for felting project and a bin of misc. stuff.

That blue bin in the picture above is three balls deep. Now that is sentence you don't get to type every day, "three balls deep" I hope someone googling for some freaky porn comes up with this blog post on knitting instead.

Some things that surprised me about my stash:

1. Huge variety in colour. I don't seem to lean towards any one colour at all when it comes to my yarn choices. Lots of rich jewel tones and earth tones, but also a mix of pastels.

2. Made me feel very spoiled. The amount of yarn that is there that has been gifted to me on birthdays, Christmases and just for no reason at all is staggering. A HUGE thank you to fellow knitters for making me smile and feel so spoiled.

3. I only came across three unfinished projects. One sock for PJ that I gave up on because I worried the pair would be to itchy for her. (Delicate flower thinks everything is itchy) She tried it on and decided she would wear them if I finished them for her. One half finished sock that is a very pretty yarn from Blue Moon Socks that Rock kit that is fussy and is sucking up the yarn so fast that I don't think I can even finish the pair. I decided about an hour ago I am going to rip it out and start a different pair with the yarn. And a pretty lace shawl that I have left because I put it down for a while and I forgot where I am am in the lace pattern.

4. I apparently need to start some lace knitting 'cuz there is some beautiful lace yarn stashed away in there (Thank you Shannon and Mom!)

5. I have a sizable stash. I could go on a yarn diet for a long while and not go hungry. I think I will be knitting from my stash for while and only buy yarn if I really really love it or have specific sweater in mind.

6. I realized why I love to buy sock yarn. I know I will use it and I always know how much of it to buy.

(Is my count right? Did I blog 3 times last week and I am starting out this week with under my belt already?)


Wudas said...

Yup, three blogs. And your stash might equal mine.

Shannon said...

I can't wait to see a photo of your full stash size.

dwgnldy said...

I love the blog competition between you and Shannon. I'm really keeping up on what you two are up to. Nice job ladies!

I looked up something about a table leg once and got hit with tons of porn. Turn about is fair play. Three balls deep should get you some perverts for sure. LOL!