Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I am a list maker. Anyone else out there write lists. I love those super sticky post it notes. I use them for everything. Grocery lists (then I can stick it to the handle of the cart while I shop), to do lists, lists of music I want to download, knitting projects I would love to get to someday, wish lists, I love lists.

I have a list that lives next to my computer, it is my "To Blog" list. Things I think about or do that I would like to blog about, things I am up to that I would like to share with you, pictures I promised I would post for you and I haven't yet. Here is my current list:

  • iPod
  • knitting
  • new house
  • The Wheel
  • Bike Riding
  • gymnastics
  • Hockey

Now you don't need to read my blog for the next week or two do you? I am telling you about the list so you know that The Wheel post is coming, I am getting to it, it's on the list. It is not today's post. You are welcome to start a new list for if you like, things I said I would post photos of or tell you about that I forgot.

I wish I had a list of things I have forgotten about that would help me a great deal, but alas those things are forgotten. Now you understand why I make lists.

Knitting Front: Here is a photo of the sweater I have been working on. All I have left to do is the ribbing on the front and the back and then sew the side seams together and then it is done. I am loving the sweater. I did notice that one of the fronts seems larger than the other, I knitted it a little looser than the first side, I am hoping it will block out.

Mom did you receive my fax? I sent it twice, once from Debbles and once from the office. I am not understanding how to do the short rows that shape the ribbing on the front.

Also on the needles: (Oh look a list!)

  • A hat for PJ
  • A little felted purse
  • the lace scarf
  • a baby blanket for Theresa
  • Lucky Lace Wrap
  • mittens

Look at Sebastain's smile, he is very excited to start his first hockey lesson.

Paul is taking him to hockey class on Saturday afternoons. The kids learn to skate and learn how to handle their sticks and hit a puck around. I think in a few weeks they will even have some fun games.

Sebastian is the kid in the red jersey

Paul is taking Hockey lessons too, he and Phil start them in October. Paul is very excited, he has always wanted to learn the sport. It will be no time at all before Sebastain is out there hammering on his daddy. I will sit in the stands with a hot chocolate and watch.
Matbe Paul should have been a dentist, how many hockey players do you know that have all their teeth?


Anonymous said...

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Wudas said...

I want to know about the item on your list that says "new house". Are you moving?

Shannon said...

What happened to the first sweater that you knitted. We never heard if you finished it or saw a photo of it.

angie, party of one said...

Okay, I wanted to be in with the cool crowd so I started a blog. I have absolutely nothing to say, but hey!