Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tom Petty

I am back and I did not even have a chance to tell you I was leaving.

Paul and I went with the Linfields (Filet and The Giggle Queen) to The Gorge to see Tom Petty.

We left here on Thursday afternoon and left the kids with Debbles for a sleep over. George and Judy (Paul's parents) happened to be visiting from Las Vegas and they showed up to rescue Debbles around lunch time on Friday. George and Judy watched the kids for us until we got home Monday afternoon. It is only the second or third time we have ever been away from the kids and definitely the longest time away from them. I think it was a good break for everyone.

We took the ForeRunner and the tent trailer and our golf clubs. We crossed the border late Thursday afternoon here is a picture of the boundary line for you. I took this picture because I thought it was funny that the grass is actually greener on the Canadian side.

If you can't see that clearly in this picture here is further proof:

Don't tell me it's due to the shadow from the building casing shade on the green side, the sun is behind me in the picture, meaning it moves parallel to the building, not up and over it to cast a shadow.

We camped a little off the highway the first night, we never saw a campground so we just found a quiet spot and set up. We got up and drove a bit more, stopping when we wanted for food and for a round of golf. We golfed 9 holes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, just stopping at whatever course we could find that looked good to us.

It was relaxing and fun. Tom Petty was on Saturday night. The concert was great and the venue was incredible. The pictures on the link at the top of this post are better than mine, but I will post a couple for you.

As if the concert is not treat enough you get to watch it with amazing view. Those tiny people on the stage are the Black Crows, they opened for Petty. Petty did not start until after the sun went down.

We even managed to get in some wine tasting on the way home. I will post some more pictures for you tomorrow. I wanted to get a quick post in tonight and let you know what I have been up to. George and Judy are still here visiting, so I am going to pour myself a drink and enjoy the company.


apl said...

I love the Black Crowes! I saw them in college and put on a great show. I'm sure Tom Petty was kick ass too. Glad to hear you guys got away and had some fun. BTW, George and Judy live in Vegas now?

Wudas said...

Say hi to George and Judy for us.

Wudas said...

The U.S. Federal Government is tasked to conserve water. Looks like they're doing a damn fine job. Makes a great first impression.