Monday, September 26, 2005

Q's Birthday

Happy Birthday Quentin! Today my youngest turns 2 years old. I can not believe how fast the time slips by, I was just waddling around with him yesterday. I try to treasure every moment with my children, they are growing up to fast for me.

We had a good, but busy weekend here. Saturday was work as usual and then I got spoiled with a rolfing appointment. The kids had gymnastics and then Sebastian had hockey. Paul is in charge in all that stuff while I work.

Sunday Paul did some work for Canadian Ski Patrol and ran a race out at Scotch Creek while a babysitter watched the kids for us. The race was beautiful it was a trail run along the Adams River the Adams River is well known for its Salmon run, it is where to Salmon come back to spawn. The run was technically challenging for me, lots of roots and rocks and stairs to get around, up and over, it was fun. My time was not as good as I had hoped but I felt very good afterwards. There were portions of the run where the trees were changing color for the season, and then you would run through and area where the ground was soft and spongy because of the pine needles, then you would run along the river where you could spot some of the Salmon spawning. I will be sure to run this one again next year.

New Houses: I am not the proud owner a new house, but Debbles is. She bought a place up here in Aberdeen, just at the bottom of the hill. It is a great house with a big backyard for Layne to play in and it even has a sand pit. She has her old place rented already, so now she owns 2 homes and is a landlord. She is doing lots of work on the new place, new floors and new paint, and she is turning the downstairs into a basement suite to help her cover the mortgage. I am excited for her and I can't wait to see the place once all the work is done. I know this will be a wonderful place for her and Layne. Help me send her a good moving vibe will you?

Shannon- I did post a picture of my other sweater when I finished it, I don't remember how long ago I had it finished. Let me see if I can find the photo for you....

ah, here's one, it looks like it was just waiting for binding off in this picture. It came out great. I wore it just the other day. I will try to remember to have Paul take a photo of me wearing it for you.

I think I have figured out this whole short row thing for the Bolero sweater I am working on. I just have the ribbing around the front and it will be ready for blocking. I may get that done today. I think I know what I want to do for the traveling cream colored sweater that mom sent me yarn for. I figure I better get at it or I will have the green sweater at my doorstep and the cream one just hoping onto my needles. I want to knit winter hats for all the kids too. So much to knit, so little time!


Wudas said...

How about posing with the sweater on? It sounds like you have some needle working ahead of you!

Wudas said...

BTW - Did Q like the little afghan I made him for his birthday? And what did you think of the desk? I never heard from you about it.