Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Now That's a Burger!

Sunday on our way home from our trip we decided to stop for brunch right before we crossed the border. We stopped in at a tiny restaurant called "Fat Boys" it was a little hole in the wall that looked just right for an omelet and hashbrowns. As it turns out they were no longer serving lunch but claimed to serve a great burger. This is a picture of of the burger Phil ordered. The waitress said it was a lot of food, she was not kidding. This burger and fries was $8.00. That seems cheap to me for so much food. 1/2 pound of beef, ham, bacon, 3 kinds of cheese and a salad on the burger. It was huge.

See how excited Phil looks:

Here's the after picture. Phil is not looking quite so happy in this one is he. We all ate so much we did not eat again until dinner at 6:30 or 7:00.

I have been knitting a bit too, I will post some knitting pictures for you tomorrow.

Tonight we start a new Wednesday run clinic. I always like the first night, getting to meet new runners. The first night I always make an easy run, so it won't be much of a work out for me, but it will be good time. Turning regular people into runners: one of my favorite things.

Leanna (Phils better half, also known as The Giggle Queen) is celebrating a year of running tonight. Very cool.


Wudas said...

It looks like the four of you could have shared one meal! Yum.

Keeefer said...

mmmmmmmmmmm I love burgers and that one looked heaven sent.
Until this post i never understood how Elvis managed to die on the toilet