Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Help! I Fell Down and Couldn't Get Up

I did this on Thursday night. It is a good one isn't it? I was helping Paul put insulation between our floor and the ceiling of the basement suite. We were almost done (isn't that when it always happens?) I was standing on one of Paul's Aluminum sawhorses and I was really focused on getting a piece of insulation to fit just right around the heating duct. It all happened so fast I am not even sure what happened.

I think my foot slipped off the edge of the sawhorse and I went down. I had no idea my foot was so close to the edge of sawhorse, one moment I was working over head and the next moment I was laying in a small bookcase that belongs to our renters.

I broke the top shelf on a little particle board bookcase and one of the screws holding it together left me with this beauty. Would you like to see a close up?

Paul asked me if I was okay, as I was getting up and I said, "I think so." There was a hole in my pants and I peeked through it and told Paul I scraped up my leg a little. I went upstairs and was feeling very shaky so I just laid down on the floor. I laid there for a few minutes and then I did not feel so good. I went right into shock, I asked Paul if he could come up and help me out.

I was cold and sweaty and started to vomit. Apparently I had fallen much harder than I had realized. Paul wanted to have a look at the scrape, so I took my pants off and the scrape was much larger and deeper than either of us had first realized. The top of it was pretty deep, you can see by the bruising around it.

My left foot is very sore and I was sore under my right arm into my armpit and across my midback as well. I have been to both the chiropractor and the accupucturist since it happened and I am feeling very good now. The cut is still a little sore at the top and my foot is sore at the end of the day, but mostly I am getting grumpy because I have not run since I did it. I get grumpy without my runs.

I feel like I got off easy. I have been injury free for a very long time. The law of averages said I was due for a clumsy moment. I am lucky that I was not seriously hurt and that I only have to miss a little bit of running. I am going to go Wednesday night and give the leg a test drive. I am sure it will be good as new.


apl said...

My goodness Kelly Anne...I'm sure glad you came out of the project okay!

Wudas said...

When you were a kid and got hurt you used to go into shock when very small hurts. People would think I was crazy when you got a small cut because I would treat you for shock before I even saw the cut. I guess you didn't out grow it completely. Take it easy. Oh yeah, get a better ladder.

wilsajedi said...

so did you finish insulating?

Keeefer said...

the best advice i ever got was.
If it needs doing round the house, work out how long it will take. Work that time at your work and earn the money to pay someone else to do it.

It looks sore.....d\rink some beer ;)

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