Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Company's Coming

I could not resist posting this picture of Paul being such a good dad. Yes he is painting PJ's nails for her, no he is not wearing a sweater. He gave me a dirty look for taking this picture, but I have to say it one of my favorites.

Sometime next week Dad and Corrine will arriving from California for a visit. We are looking forward to seeing them. We have not seen them since Christmas and we are due for a visit.

I get homesick every once in a while and I am feeling that way now. Missing Darryl's 50th birthday is making me homsick. Sometimes I just miss everyone, I can't help it. I guess it is normal for me to feel this way now and again.

George and Judy (Paul's mom and dad) will be here for the first week of September so hopefully all this visiting will make me feel better.

Is is me or is the summer just flying by? The kids will be back in pre-school in just a few weeks. This will be Sebastian's last year of pre-school then he will be off to Kindergarden. This will be my last school year with Quentin at home to keep me company, I think he may even be old enough to start half way through this school year if he wants to.

I can't imagine having all of them in school 5 mornings a week, I will be able to lay in bed in eat bonbons get lots and lots done then. I am sure I will find ways to keep busy, of course I have a year yet before that happens. I will start my to do list now so I don't forget anything.

There will be a year when Quentin is in pre-school and PJ will be in Kindergarden and Sebastian in the first grade, when this year rolls around all three kids will be done at school at diferent times and I will spend all day driving back and forth picking up kids at school. That will be a hoot!

Okay enough rambling here, I will take my scattered thoughts and go do the laundry. Anyone need any whites done?


Shannon said...

Yes, I need my whites done. Thank you. That's a good picture of Paul and Paige.

Wudas said...

They are in the dryer now.

Hornblower said...

Hi! Waving from Vancouver!
Got here from Now Norma Knits & I'm enjoying your archives. Great pics & funny story about your dd's hair. My son is the opposite - he's got this huge long hair thing happening. Enjoyed the highland valley copper pics too (my dh is a geologist, which hopefully explains that peculiar fascination); did you know you can see it from space on the google earth satellite photos? That's one big mine.
ttfn :-)

Kelly O said...

Shannon-Your whites are in! Do you like light starch, okay forget the starch, but here is a gin and tonic for you while you fold them.

Ma- I wish my dyer was as good as yours, mine bites.

Hornblower-Welcome! I did not know you see the mine from space, that IS one very large hole. Today their heads are bald next year they will all want it blue or long or something funny.