Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Dog Money

I know you are all wondering what on earth is 'Dog Money', well I am here to explain.

You know that I adjust animals, mostly dogs. When I first started adjusting dogs in the office I did them all for free. And then one day I came into work and I realized I saw more dogs than people that morning. I also got tired of people asking me what they could do for me in return for treating their animals for free. I had one woman actually tell me she would be bring her dog in more often if I charged her for it. She felt bad for taking up my time and not paying me. I finally started charging the dog owners $20.00 a visit. They seemed almost relieved by this.

Any way I save the $ I make treating dogs and use it to enhance my yarn stash and to support my Main Street Clothing habit. Well I have been saving my Dog Money for a while and I paid off my visa bill with my babysitting money and tonight I bought myself an iPod mini. I bought the 6GB which holds 1500 songs, that should keep me running for a while. I was going to get the 4GB one but this one 'previously opened' so it turned out to be a better bang for my buck. I would show you a picture but it is currently hooked up to my computer blinking "DO NOT DISCONNECT" I am a bit chicken to plug my camera in at the same time that my iPod and my computer are meeting each other for the first time. I don't want to confuse any of the parties involved on the first meet 'n' greet, it could blow the whole relationship.


Wudas said...

Ahh, the mysteries of machine mating. I go for the gusto and if it breaks I have my own personal IT department to fix it. What the heck it's only a tool.

Shannon said...

Not all of us have a personal IT department to depend upon. Will & I fumble through the computer stuff together. Sometimes he fixes it, sometimes I fix it. Sometimes we wind up calling your personal IT department to fix it.

angie said...

I have everything plugged in at the same time Kelly Anne and so far no smoke. iPod, camera, printer/scanner/copier, mouse. They all get along okay.

Kelly O said...

OH! APL I need an iPod tutorial, I can hardly firgur the thing out?! I need a personal IT department on call 247.