Thursday, August 25, 2005

Picture Time

I have someone I want you meet: Everyone this is Lola.

I hate to expose the soccer mom image, but now you have visual for the cold hard truth: I drive a mini van.

Mom, the laminate floor picture is for you. I love the floors, they are easy to keep clean and they make the whole house look bigger. I love the color, it makes me think of honey.

The following 2 pictures I took one evening last week of an amazing Kamloops summer sunset. It looks like the sky is on fire doesn't it?


Wudas said...

Wow! Great sunset photos. When we get done with our floors there won't be any seams at the doorways. It'll all run the one direction. Maybe when we decide to move we can take the roof off and take the floor with us since it'll all be one piece!

Shannon said...

All the pictures are great. Especially the ones of the sunset. Did you ever finish the sweater that you've been knitting? We haven't seen a photo of that yet.

apl said...

Forget the sunset...kick ass van Kelly Anne!