Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Great Big TOYS

Here are some pictures of the tiny trucks you saw in the bottom of the mine. This thing was massive. That picture I posted on Monday was me looking up the arm of this thing and into the sky I think it is 65ft tall, but I am not sure if I am remembering that right. A lot of this heavy machine runs on electricity, if you look close you can see the power cord hooked up there in the photo. Highland Valley Copper is BC Hydro's 3rd largest consumer. WOW!

Would you like one of these for your very own? This baby cost Highland Valley Copper $12 million in 1989. Save your pennies, big toys cost big $$.

We were lucky we got to take the tour in this 12 passenger van instead of on the bus with 50 other people, there were only about 10 of on it and only 5 were adults. I took this photo so you could get an idea of just how big the scoop was on this thing.

Scoop of Ouimet Family anyone? You could hold a party in this thing.

Here is a photo of one of the dump trucks. Remember the big scoop the Ouimet family was standing in? That can fill this dump truck in 4 scoops and it only takes 3 seconds a scoop. This thing is full in about 12 seconds. That's a lot of rock!

Quentin sitting in the tire. When I saw the big oil stain on the tire, all I could think was that must be one big dog!

A better view of the tire. Apparently there is a big rubber shortage right now and the mining business is at an all time high. These tires only last about a 6 months on a truck and the run about $27,000.00 each. That is what Highland Valley Copper pays for them at bulk rate, some mines pay as much as $47,000.00 each for them.

Another view of the dump truck from the back. I don't really think I had an idea of how big these trucks were until I stood next to one.

A happy boy on the ride home, digging in his very own bag of rocks.

I am sorry for the delay on the post. I finished my year end for the accountant yesterday and never made it to Blogland. I hope it was worth the wait!


Keeefer said...

big trucks rock (excuse the pun) The only thing better is big trucks carrying other vehicles. Trains on that rocks too.....urr im beginning to sound geeky arent i

Shannon said...

Kelly, nice photos. Is that you wearing a Superman t-shirt? If so, nice choice.

apl said...

First of all, I agree with Shannon on the Superman shirt...I happen to also have one and think it rocks! Second off...the big trucks are impressive but I don't remember seeing a post with a picture of the new Ouimet mini van. We saw the kids on the INSIDE, but I require OUTSIDE shots please.

Shannon said...

I agree with apl on photos of the mini van. We've seen lots of inside shots but never a photo of the outside.

Kelly O said...

That is me in the Superman t-shirt, it is one of my favorites. The back by the way says "Save Me"

Ah the Ouimet Wheels, we call her Lola, I will introduce you soon, she is camera shy.

Keeefer-that settles the whole thing then Saara is right you need a little boy. One of the best parts of having children is their toys...trains (Sebastian wants one 'with real smoke', tonka trucks and rock pits. There's Barbie too, for those lonely nights.