Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Smarties vs M&M's

It's the big Canadian debate: Which is better the made in America M&M or the Canadian Smartie?

They are the same idea really, chocolate covered in a hard candy shell. It seems most the Canadians I have spoken too (read: Paul) prefers the Smartie. They (He) claims the candy shell is thicker, crunchier and just better. The chocolate is better in the Smartie on this I will agree, the thicker candy shell melts in your hand and is to crunchy for my liking.

The smarties biggest downfall: no peanuts. We all know about my addiction to the peanut M&M. Whoops...did you all think I had successfully passed that 12 step program. I made it through a couple of steps:

1. I was (and still am) able to admit to myself there is a problem.
2. Sh*t, what was step two???

Now I found these:

And I hate to say this, but they are better than M&M's. (I know that if Bush gets a hold of this information that my American citizenship will be revoked, please don't pass this blog posting on to him.)

The Smarties have better chocolate and the colors are better too (yes that matters) there are pink and purple in there! Check out that web site, I learned that almost 17,000 Smarties are eaten a minute in the UK, that puts my M&M addiction to shame.

Okay enough sweet talk.

I know how much you all loved my Superman shirt, here is another one for you, this one may be better. I tried to find it in your size Mom but the sizes ore screwy (of course) the large fits me and I think PJ could wear the small:

I took the kids out shopping today (a nightmare, they were on their worst behavior) and must have been asked about 3 times "Are all of those kids yours??????" Like I had 30 children out with me (I only had the three, it just felt like 30). This got me thinking, I should have a T-shirt printed up that just says: "Yes, they are mine" Of course the testosterone group out there would think assume the shirt was referring to my breasts not the kids. Trust me if I bought new girls they would look better than these do!


Keeefer said...

Smarties or M&Ms......Id never thought about it. Smarties are superior (My names keith and im a M&Maholic) but M&Ms are targetted at adults or at least teenagers.
In terms of taste Smarties get it (especially with peanut ones) I dont know what the rest of the world does to chocolate but its not as nice as the english stuff. Ok the swiss and belgians make damn nice chocolate but i dont see them crispy coating it do you?
Urrr sidetracked myself again.
In terms of Marketing M&Ms win the day, you gotta like the talking M&Ms thry rock.

Shannon said...

I don't like to admit this but I'm a chocolate snob. American chocolate just plain sucks. It doesn't have much flavor and the consistency is off. For example I've heard from the older generation that Hershey bars used to taste much better than they do now. Dark chocolate is my favorite. I'm not a milk chocolate fan.

Since I've never had Smarties I can't compare them to M&M's. Next time we're in Canada we'll have to do a taste test. I agree with Keeefer about the marketing of M&M's their commericals are entertaining.

apl said...

I have a red, white and blue tongue I guess...I HATE Smarties. I don't like the chocolate in them, and yes I have tried them. I'll be the first to admit that M&M's aren't some highly superior form of chocolate, but they are and will always be, one of my favorites!

Wudas said...

Check out the M&M site if you want to see colors. I have ordered them in our business colors and given them to Diana. They looked so cool she wouldn't eat them. I'm a Snicker's girl. If I'm gonna eat just chocoate give me the dark stuff. Otherwise mix it with nuts and caramel. I'll endulge after I get this metal off my teeth.

That might be the best looking shirt I've seen you wear. Is that my picture on the front?

Shannon said...

;) Mom, of course that's your picture on Kelly's shirt. When do I get mine?

Hornblower said...

M&M's - because Smarties are made by nasty Nestle.

But I'm not that keen on the crispy coating on the chocolate thing. Just give me a box of Purdy's mixed caramels. Or in a pinch, a big bar of Cadbury milk chocolate.

Kelly O said...

Hornblower- Purdy's yummm!