Thursday, December 15, 2005

Almost Ready

I am almost ready for Christmas, how about you? All I have to do is help Santa with the stockings and get a gift for Paul and then I am done. WHOOOOHOOOO! The kids are getting excited about Christmas, what a wonderful time of year.

Shannon, your card is hanging on the wall, but the envelope I am afraid had a different fate. I did not keep the envelope, nor did I think to take down address from it, that would have been far to logical for me.

For those who asked the Wheel was held here at Sorrento Centre. It is only about an hour drive from Kamloops, it is a pretty drive it is not far from where Paul and I got married.

Today was my first day at work since the wheel, it was a good day. I had to work hard not to take on anyone's energy and emotion but with focus I did it. I felt better when I got off work, I felt like me instead of everyone else. I don't know if that makes any sense at all. It takes concentration now to do this, but soon it will become natural to let people heal themselves and keep my energy and ego out of the whole process.

You all remember that Paul is learning to play hockey? And of course you remember the pictures I promised the last time I went to see him play? Well I am going to watch him again tonight, I will take the camera along and see if I can capture some good moments for you. This is the last session of this hockey class so they are going to play a game. It should be very entertaining.

On the knitting front I am having a bit of a panic about the baby blanket, I just realized Theresa is due in less than 2 months. Please remind me of the following the next time I knit a blanket of any sort: Large needles & Fat Yarn. Thank you.

I am just about to start the heel on my second sock. I am trying to knit it a little tighter than the last one, I think the first one was a little loose. It is my first pair, if they are not a perfect match I don't care. They will have character, and since when are hand made things supposed to be perfect?

Never you mind why I am working on the sock when the baby blanket is tick-tick-ticking away. But if you really need to know the sock travels with me and gets a row here and there. The baby blanket stays at home, where I never seem to be.


Wudas said...

It sounds like the results of your Wheel trip are extremely beneficial to you. I think it will only get better. I'm ready for the Big C Day myself. It's gonna be very low key this year. That's suits the weather and my laid back attitude just fine.

Shannon said...

I can't wait for Christmas. I feel like a little kid. I love to watch people open presents that I know they're going to love.

Bonnie said...

I am supresed that the wheel was held in sorrento. How did you hear about it. It sounds wonderful. There is a lady here in France that is friends with my host parents who has and gives out amazing energy and teaches other people too. I wish there was some way you two could know each other. She reminds me of what your doing a bit.
I am excited for xmas as well. My first one with out the Canadian fam and my first one with a whole new family. For Mariana too, I'm sure it will be quite the experience.